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 Look at the picture as four columns. I have four 20 amp circuits and each column is dedicated to one.  The left column goes to the front left speaker location (all wires & all circuits)  second column goes to center location, third goes to front right and the fourth column is dedicated to the closet. I have 4 switches near door that will kill the power in ALL of the upper outlets on each recepitcal since they are all switched.  The lower half of EACH receptical is...
Obviously you've never seen my handy-work...  
Just a note to be cautious when you get (overly?) ambitious.... You see in front of you twelve boxes that need covers.  In the room, I have another nine more for a total of 21 boxes that need covers. I'm having them custom made by Markertek. Fortunately, in the pic above, the top row, all four of them, will be covered with blanks so I'll be needing about 17 total covers. Just got the estimate....  just a hair under $700 I knew it was going to hurt but.....  ouch.
  My wife says I'm a square...  how does that fit in?
Ok Fast-Mike....  you're killing me already.   My wife is skilled enough spending the funds I've got....  she doesn't need any help yet!   What I really want to get is just a processor....  and it has to have XLR outputs (didn't look to see if this one did but I'll bet you're already on top of that issue and it does!)   Every now & then I look at...  well...crud...  I forget the name.  It will come to me.  They're gosh darn expensive though. 
Oh, I should add that this Crazy Canadian had his LaScala buried in the wall.   What on earth does that cold weather do to your brain cells?  
 I was quasi-inspired by a Canadian....  don't know if you've seen any of his posts...  he had a cool setup with Khorns in front, LaScala in center and was quite imaginative in hiding half of his Heresy's into his walls! Them Canadians are crafty folk!  But then...  you are probably a sissy around water.  
 Right now, I'm going to try it without any ventilation. I'm going to have three amps out by the speakers.  You will notice an orange outlet up high (wife hates it) I'm planning on putting a shelf in each corner, above the speaker and plug each respective amp near the speaker.  That will take care of three, possibly four (of five max) amps.  If the HT unit I use (don't have anything yet) I might use its internal amps for the rear channels....if not, I might put the amps in...
 I've prewired for an electric screen.  (If) it happens, the projector will go into the same closet as all the outlets.  I'll build a shelf and fire it through the wall.  I've run power to the ceiling however, since I might not do a screen, the power line is dormant.  I have the 'hot' end of it going to a box and passing THROUGH the box so it's available to me (just pull pigtail out & attach to outlet).  I'll start with a 52" Sony on top of the JubeScala.  I've been trying...
Interestingly, when I'm on my backhoe or tractor, I have my Klipsch Custom 3's in my ears playing something....and over top of those, I have some airport rated, something like -30 db over-ear muffs on for hearing protection.   Works quite well.   I tell the wife that if I'm ever going to go deaf, I'll do it jamming to some Pink Floyd or Queen or something like that rather than the stupid drone of a diesel engine. (like her uncle and cousin have)
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