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 on its own, I don't know.  I'd guess around $1,200.  This is the horn, driver (K69) and the mounting tray.  In other words, it's open box, pull out of box, plug in and play. I think (guess) the K510/69 is about $750 but again, I don't know...only a guess.  Also, I don't think it comes with a stand like the 402.
As a side note...  some have them in industrial black.  You probably know that.  Some have them in Walnut (and perhaps Cherry).  You are probably aware of the Walnut.   My (unofficial) understanding is to go from black to Walnut is something like $150/speaker.  That might not be the correct price but the main point is going from industrial to a finished front is almost a no-brainer unless....someone wants a front that Klipsch doesn't offer.   Say, a portrait of Marie...
Don't piss on the K510, it never gets much love but is a fine horn in its own right and....  is much much smaller than the 402, allowing it to work in other areas (such as inside a LaScala or inside a Cornwall)   Just saying...     (not suggesting that anyone was....well....  you know.  It was merely a figure of speech)
  Someone knows... http://www.klipsch.com/kpt-942-t
The K402 is larger ( in height/width) than a LaScala.  Though I mean this tongue in cheek, it would squash a Cornwall....  but, probably sound good while doing so!   No...in my opinion, I'd probably investigate putting a smaller K510 inside the Cornwall and make it 2-way and yes, I think it would work nicely.  If you could figure out how to stand the 402 atop a Cornwall, it would also sound good.   I'm not technical so don't "know" this would work....but think it...
 Wouldn't a square/rectangle Tractix horn do even better as it would tend to be parallel to the ceiling & floor & walls? I remember hearing someone once ask Roy Delgado why their horns were square'ish (as opposed to say, round) and if I recall, his answer was to help manage (minimize) the sound from hitting the ceiling.  I don't know if he included floors/walls. It's a vague memory from a number of years ago.
  I don't own any Reference and as best I know, have never heard any but, this article does explain why I'm currently finding my panties in a wad. 
 Ditto what he said!  Dynamics out the wazoo, presuming of course, you have a wazoo.
 Yep....and would love to hear and feel it.  Now, do I mean feel as in perceive the visceral assault or do I want to put my hands all over it? hmmmmm..... 
 So, you're saying a pair of their cube speakers and a box or two of Captain Crunch would do the trick? 
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