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Yes he is very
This guy has been running this add fir quite a few months I sold him a couple . He seems to be a reseller buys as cheap as he can . When add was questioned today he deleted and reported as new . Just FYI 👎
Not really 5 month keeps reposting must resell them I know he bought a couple from me in the past
Wow if I had all those issues I would return it fast, I agree with bond .
I did day and night under pro 1 and 2 3d custom. For 3d 3d button on remotte . The d-nice settings are good enough for me for reg tv (hd).
FWIW. Check zt 3d menu make sure it i set for 3d also same for bd player. I had same issue in beginning . 3d on this set is amazing as is everything else. Using D-Nice settings could not be happier. 590 hours.
Ill give that a try
I used the s&v settings awesome to me. Also did the 3d settings not tried yet
I was watching this all week and went to best buy today and they matched without any problem. They're reg price is $2599.00.
The issue to them is I am not going to get the same tv the one I want is different and slightly less expensive this is from the large dept.. I buy a lot from amazon do not return much has been a nightmare
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