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Does anyone know how to use the touchpad as a mouse? I know it is used as a cursor/mouse on the Wii and Wii U but I want to use it as a mouse for my HTPC. If no one has been able to do this, how are you guys that are using this for your HTPC using the remote? Are you using it to control the mouse but with the direction buttons or what? I think this is possible using an IR sensor but I would love to connect via Bluetooth so I don't have to buy another remote/IR sensor.
Which model are you looking for a stand for?
At the bottom of this page it still says authorized us retailer... http://www.costco.com/squaretrade-tv.html "Plan must be bought within 60 days of TV purchase. Costco Members may buy plans for new TVs purchased from a Costco warehouse, Costco.com or any authorized U.S. retailer."
My first from amazon was October but it was messed up. Hopefully the next one will be post fix. Isn't August after the fix? If so then you're fine. What size you get?
Hm I will check this out and see if it is a possibility. It might be hard to locate something on the back while viewing the front haha. If the lights are off and I still see this spot then wouldn't that rule this out? There wouldn't be any light that could come through the back except what is coming from the TV itself.
I just got my 65VT60 yesterday and noticed an issue. It was cold so I let the TV warm up for 4-5 hours before turning it on. I immediately started the slides and started to look over the screen to see if there were any dead pixels or any other issues. I thought all was good and then I noticed a spot about the size of a quarter but in a teardrop shape on the upper right quarter of the screen that looked like a blob or something. It is hard to explain exactly what it...
Just got my 65VT60 from Amazon. It was built in October 2013. It is really cold so I am letting it warm up before I turn it on and then I will start the slides. You guys that are talking about watching some and running the slides between watching content are wasting your time. You need to go read D-Nice's post about the slides. He has very specific instructions that you need to follow to a T or it isn't worth running the slides at all. They are intended to be run for...
I have my 65VT50 for sale if anyone is interested. Please see the link in my signature!
I have my 65VT50 for sale if anyone is interested. Please see the link in my signature!
I have decided to upgrade to something else and am selling my year old 65VT50. I have a 5 yr Squaretrade warranty that is good through 2018 so there is still over 4 years remaining. We can transfer the warranty into your name. The TV comes with all of its accessories and stand. I have two pairs of 3D glasses I can include at a discount if desired. I broke the tv in with the slides and used D-Nice's settings ever since. I have watched a wide arrangement of content. ...
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