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Anybody else having the same problem? I've been having this problem with all the latest discs. Link:Consumer Alert: Samsung BD-P1000 Blu-ray Players @ DVDTown.com
The Natural is hands down one of my favorite baseball movies. Sorry if this was posted before, but it is that I'm really excited about this release. The Natural - SonyStyle.com Identity - SonyStyle.com Has anyone seen Identity? Any good? Thanks. --- Also up on Amazon.com for pre-order. The Natural Identity
enmoco, do you happen to know if the light engine (62HM8) for the 62HM195 is the same as the light engine in the 62MX195? Thanks!
I agree, and thanks, it is a personal decision, one I'm trying to make.
...January 19th, 2007... War: I've been away for awhile, and it seems not much has changed. People still have their strong allegiances to their favorite format, strongly entrenched in battle. Unfortunately, I don't see this format war coming to a end any time soon. After all the news coming out of CES in Vegas and with the studios seemingly ramp up title releases, I fear I'm faced with a decision. Which format to pick? Does picking a format help to conclude this war? I...
Can anyone PM me how to adjust overscan? Thanks!
Shaumus, I own both and paid the same amount for both as well. So...what do you really want to know? How the players themselves stack up? How the software compares? Software (PQ): The thing is with software, is it's the encoding process that can make or break a movie in the PQ department. For example on the Warner titles like (Firewall), both use VC-1 and I've watch both version twice and there is simply no way to tell the difference. On the flip side MPEG2 can and does...
Couldn't it be that BD50s are not or can't be made per BD50 spec?
I think you're right. Don't forget Stir of Echoes and Devil's Rejects...I can't find them any where. Has anyone got a hold of any of these titles?
1024 x 1080i Display Resolution
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