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...plus the last I checked he didn't even own a Blu-ray player...Brain@BBY did you finally buy one? Dolphc, did you notice the cropping of TD?
Quote: Originally Posted by Dolphc There is no DD+ track on the disc, just the same vanilla DD track that you had on the DVD. True.
What do you think of the cropping issue?
Amazon Update FYI: They shipped me The Manchurian Candidate, We Were Soldiers, and Four Brothers this morning.
Quote: Originally Posted by heavyharmonies Methinks we need a larger sample size before EITHER camp starts drawing definitive conclusions (which has already started). Agreed...and for me, a definitive conclusion will most likely be months if not years away...in fact I may never decide which is "better".
Dolphc, I feel exactly the same way. Excellent assessment. TD is the best BD so far, although I have not seen Stealth yet (I've heard it's pretty good as well), however it still suffers from motion artifacts in some scenes. I think WB has done a good job with what they had to work with (MPEG2 and BD25). IMO, Training Day only reveals the Sony's and Loinsgate's discs are to blame for the poor/soft PQ and not the Samsung or Blu-ray as a format. Now I have three copies of...
Quote: Originally Posted by TAKECOVER Question, anyone here compared "Serenity" on CinemaxHD to the HD-DVD of it? I recorded it the other night to my D-VHS, and it looks AWESOME! Other than the fact that the lip sync is way off. :( Hey, I just compared the 2 last night. Serenity on CinemaxHD did look pretty damn good for broadcast HD, but flipping between the two, the HD DVD version was a step above in sharpness and clarity. After watching...
I think what Dave is saying, and I know nothing about this stuff, is if all you eat is a salad you are only eating carbs. Is that right?
William, that's only a simulated picture not an actual one.
Monty, when do you get to the point of having a few more beers and watching some movies! Sounds like you're having a pretty good day.
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