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It's only happening on Amazon.
DaveinTucson, he talking about all the other titles... Paramount HD DVD on Amazon
Quote: Originally Posted by Fettastic That shit is GOLD NOW because those titles just got pulled off the release calendar for the foreseeable future! Buy them all and sell them on ebay. You should make enough to buy a HOUSE! Not true.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fettastic As far as I can tell, EVERY Paramount HD DVD is cancelled for the foreseeable future. Well not The Manchurian Candidate (HD DVD) and Four Brothers (HD-DVD). Already been reviewed the good PQ ratings.
I ordered Sleepy Hollow, Sahara and Lara Croft - Tomb Raider on July 17th and it ship out yesterday July 27th. With Amazon it's like hit or miss. (I just received my pre-order of Enter the Dragon) I'm using Amazon Prime 2-day shipping on all my orders and have never recieved my pre-order with-in the same week of release. Who knows. Also have you guys noticed that The Manchurian Candidate, Four Brothers, We Were Soldiers, The Italian Job and Aeon Flux are all listed on...
Just FYI: Another review. DVD review of Stealth (Blu-ray) - DVD Town
Thanks, Doc. I was trying to get a feeling how others felt this title for PQ, Sound, etc... stacked up against other Blu-ray titles and (for me) if the movie was worthy to own or at the least rent. DthDlr01, what are your top picks for Blu-ray? I got Species and Benchwarmers today and was contemplating whether or not to get Stealth. If it's Blu-ray or HD DVD, I just can't seem to stop myself from buying HD. Thanks.
Blu-ray Review: Stealth | High-Def DVD Digest Sounds like a step in the right direction. Has anyone else seen it yet?
Ok, put me down for... Aeon Flux The Italian Job (2003) National Lampoon's Animal House Ray Unleashed
HDBeat seems to think they are being release today!?!? I don't think we'll see these titles for a little while. Maybe BD50...who knows. HD Updates: Additional Blu-ray releases and How to save 10% on high-def discs Also Amazon has them as: Availability: Usually ships within 1 to 3 weeks. Ships from and sold by Amazon.com.
New Posts  All Forums: