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Tim, this thread may be better suited for the Blu-Ray Forum? Some current threads on this topic. Samsung plays better thru component? Samsung Player "bobs" to 1080P??? Toshiba HD-A1 vs Samsung BD-P1000, Round 2
True, but the Samsung uses a Genesis chip, I belive inline... Broadcom->Genisis->HDMI->Out Pioneer uses a Sigma Designs chip... Sigma Designs->HDMI->Out Toshiba uses the Broadcom chip... Broadcom->HDMI->Out
I don't think it's the cable but the proccesing of the digital signal before it leaves the player.
Blu-ray Review: Saw | High-Def DVD Digest This part concerned me... Quote: Alas, one final (major) problem to spoil the fun. While I didn't notice it at first on the previous two Lionsgate Blu-ray titles I've reviewed ('Crash' and 'Lord of War'), for the first time on 'Saw' I could see an odd "stutter" to the image during select shots with rapid movement. I had to rewind to really notice it, but it does appear that there is some sort of jumping between...
Grubert's excellent release schedule. HD DVD/Blu-ray release calendar & Distilled HiDef disc news Link
Quote: Originally Posted by Dr Kain I don't understand, why are they doing combos? What is the point? I'd say for a few reasons... 1) You can play them in any DVD player (bedroom, mini van, portable dvd players, etc...) 2) One of the reasons for the day-n-date releases to be a combo disc is for all the people that don't have a HD DVD player. When they go out to buy this movie on the day of release (new release sell more copies), they...
Quote: Originally Posted by stanger89 I thought they were redoing them in MPEG-2. That's my understanding as well. Does anyone have any info to shed some light on this?
Quote: Originally Posted by BenDover i didn't quote your entire post as it doesn't deserve to be given any more "air time" but i did post this pearl as it seems so befitting...i'll leave it up to the intellectuals to figure out why. I get it...and I'm no intellectual. :) Maybe we should close round 1 now that we have round 2. This thread is going nowhere. Toshiba HD-A1 vs Samsung BD-P1000, Round 2
I think as long as MPEG2 is used, BD50 is needed for the majority (60+%) of titles. As the new codes like VC-1 and MPEG4 are used, the percentage of BD50, IMO, could easily be in the 30-40 percent range. Consider this, If you were encoding a movie, say using VC-1, and the movie required 26-28 Gigs for transparency to the master. This includes typical extras. As I recall, this size has been reported for some of the movies encoded on HD DVD. Would you use BD50, increasing...
Spears, Thanks for round 1 and 2. Posters like yourself, that have the resources and provide accurate information on everything A/V, are the best reason to be apart of this community. Outstanding job. Quote: Originally Posted by mhafner Sony has a lot of explaining to do. That's frigging unbelievable. :mad: ...and sad. :(
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