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Any owners of Harman Kardon AVR 3600 2600 here? I still have a problem connecting BDT-210 and AVR3600 together. The issue is when I use bitstream of DTS-HD Master from the player I cant set player to output 1080p because it starts flashing in the home menu and all vieracast programs. If I forse player to output video as 1080i then video flashes gone.
Well, it looks like an issue on a Harman Kardon side. It cant handle multiple resolution and frame rate well. Or it still could be a problem on a player side.
I actualy have a high speed hdmi cable, not very expensive but should be good quality. Tonight I found that if I forse player to output video 1080i, then when it plays movie 24p it plays it 1080p 24 at least receiver shows it on video input. And everything works just fine. The home screen menu is 1080i 60 which is fine.
Guys, any one experieced troubles to connect Panasonic BDT210 to HK3600? Anyone with good or bad experience? I already exchange my old one BDT210 to a new one and see same issue. For some reason I have either good video and just DTS bitstream from panasonic or I have a good DTS-HD MA audio and bad video (video flashes). When I reset video resolition on the pkayer the pkayer starts to show good video but audio back to just DTS bitstream problem. I checked the firmware...
Do you have it connected to the receiver? If so do you get DTS-HD MA stream, does your receiver shows that stream info? Because mine for some reason gets DTS from Panny, or if I do factory reset it gets correct bitstream, but video is flashing.
I dont have any other bluray player, thats why I want to hear if anyone else has a panasonic bdt210 set up with HK 3600. I used a reset player video resolution, it helped no flashes, but player now can't bitstream properly. Instead DTS-HD MA it streams as DTS. Could it be that receiver says something back to the player and player does convert the stream?
Any AVR3600 and Panasonic BDT210 owners?
Yes it is flashes in a home menu. The strange is started when I just bought it 2 weeks ago and connected to internet. It was asking to install an update 1.65, so I did. After update player started to flash and some times showing snow noise. I did a reset procedure from users manual >RET 00 > 04 which actualy helped very well. Unit was stable in image, but other problem appeared - no more correct bitstream. So panasonic rep recomended to do reset RET00 > 08fin, so I did....
How do you guys set your HDMI video out? Do you keep it in auto? Mine shows that all modes available with my TV and I set it to 1080p, so here is a problem begins - when I watch a movie it is fine but when player goes back to home screen the screen flashes and my receiver showing input drop offs. I had a situation like this before, and I used a reset from user guide which resets the image distortion, but now after update to 1.68 there is no such a reset. Any ideas?
Do any of you guys have a problem with bluray player? I have a Panasonic BDT210 connected to HDMI port and it is a constant drop offs from HDMI input on my AVR3600. I just open a setup source dialog and see that input switches between input/no input and screen is flashing. When I play movie it is stable, but when I go back to menu it is flasing again. What could be a problem?
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