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I second that I tune to no moire no noise... Repeat 200 times
Got my replacment one. Well the fan noise almost same. So I assume that noise is normal and I have very picky ear, or this one is also defective the new one from same retailer, so could be from same manufactured party and they got bad fans or whatever. Or maybe other guys are deaf no offence here. I cant realy hear that noise from normal movie scenes with sounds or dialogs, but when it is silent then I hear it. Well I will accept it as normal fan noise and will not...
Thanks Chris. By the way got your sample, gonna test it tonight. I noticed that one side of the fabric much smoother then other. Is there a difference which one is a face one?
Hi everyone. Yestarday I was setting up my harmony880 remote with AVR3600 and found it quite impressive how it handles two zones. I am using HK with my home theater room and use it for my living room TV. I connected it with HDMI to Projector and with component to TV. So now strange thing happenning. I set the output to 1080i and it looks fine on projector. But when I watch TV the output drops to 480i what is the deal? I dont watch projector and TV in the same time, and I...
That is actualy a good idea. I was thinking abouy it too. The only question is how that monitor will acceppt the output resolution. If you connect it to AVR composite output, but your regular output is 1080p. Will AVR automatically adapt the outpit to 480i ?
Question to Chris, or any one who knows. Is there is a way to wash screen fabric. Lets say in a chance you have it marked with children dirty hands or something else like coke drops. After wash will it shrink, can I iron it. Or Dry clean? How easy to clean it and what is the best way?
Thanks, already scheduled for exchange next monday. Hope new one will be quiet.
Hey Sean, did you try yours? Just turn it on and wait a little when fan started. I realy like to hear that yours is silent.
You make me feell bad. I've got a message from JVC. They say that something wrong and should be fixed or adjusted in a service center. I an leaning to exchange it for a new one.
Hey, Benito, did you hear from any one about fan noise? I shouldn't be the one who was asking about. I just wonder is that noise is normal operation noise or not. Some people saying that they can't hear it from 3 feet away. But when I turn it on I can hear it from 15 feet easy. Againg, in quiet room no music. I sent a question to JVC asking them, I can try to record that noise sound. I dont want to go to the place where I bougt it, and wait for replacement about one week...
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