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I am sorry the noise is not actually grinding I would say it mostly like rubbing or dangling. I may compare it with sound of my owen convection fan. Not so loud of course, but similar type of sound.
Yes the grinding kind of sound. And you are right this is odd especialy after I red that it is silent projector 19 db. Should I replace it, or contact JVC first
Does it realy matter how you keep your projector soundwise? I mean if it upside down to the ceiling mount it is silent and if it is table top it is noisy?
Mine was aperture=3 out of box. And in normal lamp mode and I can hear it even from 10 feet away if there is no sound in a room. It sounds like fan bearing has no oil in it (no squeaking) sonds like it touches something during rotation.
Can anyone help me to setup my 5.0 system. I don't have a subwoofer and would like to use my front speakers to handle LFE channel. How should I do this? In the speaker setup I couldn't find that option. In my old Yamaha it was really clear and simple. I believe that I can do it with my AVR3600 could I?
Wow, got mine JVC HD250, just used bed sheet as a test screen. What I can say - just wow. Very impressed with image. Hope the real screen will make image even better. Do you guys know how to order a sample from Chris? I just sent an email to him with my address, but didn't hear from him a confirmation that he is going to send it to my address. Maybe he is busy, or I did it somehow wrong.
Mine is brand new just got 4 hours on it. I am impressed with image quality, but fan noise is quite loud in my opinion. I don't hear it when there is a movie sound, but when there is a silent scene it is noticeble.Is any one else experiences the same noise? Is it standard? Does it matter how you mount your projector? Mine is staying on a shelf near backwall. It is alot of space around it, so shouldn't be overheating.
Guys, I am confused a little. Why when I connect my DVD player to AVR3600 by component input I can't output it more than 480p? Every time when I select lets say 1080i or 720p, it gives me a message "this is a copy protected material, please connect HDMI cable to upconvert it to..." It is strange, I am not asking to output HD signal to component, and even more, when I connect WDTV Live by component and if I play 1080p from it no questions, it just output it same way to...
The screen I am thinking is going to be AT Seymour CenterStage XD 110" wide (16:9) and projector is ceiling monted 14' distance to the screen. Dedicated room painted dark grey, no windows.
So, based on what you are saying, should we use RS10 in projector distance calculator? Is HD250 has same bulb brightness?Now I am considering a screen and using Hd250 the gain of 1.2 is low, but for RS10 is good enough.
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