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I no longer work on NBC/SN NHL games. It's my understanding all of their games are now in stereo. Happy New Year.
I don't mix the studio segments.
Anthem was live vocals and taped track.
Yes. Al is getting a break after his stint at the Olympics. He'll be with us next week in NY.
I am ready for some football, to paraphrase a neighbor's slogan.
He's right here, exhausted after an hour of sleep and an 8-hr flight to Newark. And now he's enjoying a four-hour layover before flying to Pittsburgh for NFL.I haven't watched what aired. I mixed the ceremony. Sorry you didn't enjoy it.
Hello from Olympic Stadium. Getting ready for Closing Ceremony. Tough thread to read. I know everyone has an opinion about what airs when, but I hope you enjoyed what you saw and heard from London. Lots of people poured months and years of their lives into this event. The facilities and support here have been amazing. And London was a great host. See you next week in Pittsburgh. It's football time already? W
Hi from Olympic Stadium.
Just saw this. We had 12 parabs, primarily due to how impossible it is to clear frequencies at the Super Bowl. And moving along the sidelines is tough. It's packed down there.Rather than our normal 6 RF parabs, we hard-wired 12 parabs. We literally tape XLRs out to each location. The parab ops had an 8-ft harness. They walked out and plugged in for the game and left at half time with their dish, so the massive staging crew could work. We've done this the last four...
Thanks for tuning in all year. Off to Duke @ UNC Wednesday!
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