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We apologize for the delay on custom-built screens this holiday season. It was an especially busy holiday season at the factory this holiday, and that, coupled with the fact that once the screen got to Canada, there were about a week worth of delays due to the storm in Ontario (Purolator here worked for only two days last week, for example, and on those two days, they didn't really have movement on the shipments) made the 3-4 week delivery guidance we give our customers...
The 5" frame is definitely the better way to go. I say this because it looks a lot nicer, increases the perceived contrast of the image, and most importantly, from an 11' viewing distance, I would get a 100" viewing area screen (and most definitely not anything larger). Any larger than that, and you are in danger of not being able to see the whole screen without moving your head left and right. The idea of a projection setup is to get a large screen, but not the largest...
Not at all, the material has not been discontinued, and is listed on the Eastporters Canada website. As far as Americans, they typically order directly through EluneVision. The PureBright 4K material page has not been changed at all since June, and the PureBright 4K screen is here to stay.I have sent you a PM about how to obtain a sample.
Yes, the screens are able to hang from both the ceiling and the wall.
Glad that you are satisfied with the EluneVision screen! Of course, there is not a setup in the world that will work as well with ambient light present in a room as it would without ambient light - nevertheless, it's good to hear that you're thoroughly enjoying the picture you are getting and are loving your home theater thus far!Milosh
The Titan and Reference 4K cases are different - both are in full display on the EluneVision website.No, Vapex does not use any of our screen material. We use our own material for the Titan. Both use materials that are not Reference quality, and thus have some of the less desirable effects, such as texturing, sheen, hot-spotting, etc. I feel that our cinema-white material is noticeably better than any other non-Reference material out there. I can also attest to the fact...
This was covered previously in the thread. Most of the mechanical and electrical parts are similar. The Reference Studio 4K 100EL material is proprietary and not the same. They use a low-end material, which has the texturing, the sheen in bright scenes, etc.
One is an entry level screen, and the other is a high end screen. Reference 4K screens have no texturing, no sheen during bright scenes, zero hot-spotting, and perfect colour accuracy. Carada screens have none of those. If you're looking at something entry-level like Carada screens, you're better off going with an Elara screen. If you're looking to pair your 1080p projector with a screen to get the most out of its performance, the Reference 4K screen is the way to go.
For sure the Reference Studio 4K 100 is the way to go with the Epson 5020. Projector companies put a lot of money into making the projector colour-accurate, sharp, etc. The Reference Studio 4K will preserve the colour accuracy perfectly, have zero hot-spotting, no texturing, etc. Milosh
I would go with the EluneVision Elara II screen with your lighting and room conditions. From 13 feet away, I would personally stick with the 106" screen myself, but if you like your screens a bit bigger, you can go for the 120". Thanks, Milosh
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