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It would be on the right side. Thanks, Milosh
With the description and sizing of your room, that sounds like the screen size you should be getting! Thanks, Milosh
I actually answered in post 954...the projector you have is similar in the brightness department...in many cases, people find the need to turn it to Eco mode - not to save the lamp hours, but just because it's a very bright projector. You're going to have no problem with the brightness. A higher gain screen will just give you too unneeded brightness at the cost of hot-spotting, placement problems, seating flexibility problems. Remember, you're not going to get much of a...
Hot-spotting is when a part of your image, or a "spot", on your screen is brighter than the rest of the screen/image surrounding it. It's typically in the center, but it can change depending on projector and viewer placement - in other words, the latter part of your statement. Thanks, Milosh
That's actually not a correct statement - a correct statement would be that the Da-Lite High Power material has little hot-spotting if you perfectly position the projector and leave little seating placement flexibility (and in fact, we have the PureBright 4K material which achieves better performance as the Da-Lite High-Power in all metrics). In order for the brightness back to the eye to be of a higher gain, the photons which would have otherwise been scattered perfectly...
Hello, You have no reason to worry for either 2D or 3D with a 125" or a 135" screen. In a light-controlled room (or even with some ambient light) the W7000 is very bright, and will look great on the Reference Studio 4K screen. Screens higher gain than that will suffer from hot-spotting, not to mention the typical non-Reference problems with texturing that is clearly visible in any panning/moving scenes, etc. I would most definitely get a 1.0 gain screen, and not...
I would definitely recommend a white screen. The contrast on that projector (while not up to par with something like a JVC D-ILA projector which has extremely good blacks) is still very high in relative terms, and you are better off getting the benefits of the colour representation of a white screen than to try to increase your blacks a little bit with a gray screen. Thanks, Milosh
No, you can purchase it no matter where you're from. Contact through the eastporters.com website for more information.Thanks,Milosh
Yes, it is available as a custom order.Thanks,Milosh
If you take a look at Elite's so called "Tab-Tensioned" screens, the actual curvature of the tabbed sections on the two sides is extremely low, that it is essentially more like a motorized screen with decoration on the sides. Nobody can guarantee 2 decades of worry-free service, but EluneVision Tab-Tensioned screens are much higher-quality than Elite, will last much longer, and give you a much better picture on day 1 as well. Again, just look at the width of Elite's...
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