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No, the screen materials are completely different. The housing is the same, as we likely the same third-party manufacturer for the housing, but our proprietary material is what basically makes the screen. We engineer and use our own Reference Studio 100EL material, whereas the material that the VisualApex uses is equivalent to the material that we use for our Titan screens.In other words, if you are looking for a midrange performance screen material, our Titan is the way...
Yes, they are, and are generally stocked - just not listed on the website. You can send an email through the website if you have interest in it.Milosh
You have a fairly bright projector, between the two, the 1.8 gain gray will give you the brightness you want along with great black levels. Just remember that with all high-gain screens, hot-spotting will be there, so try to align your projector and your seating as close to the center of the screen as possible. With the factors you've given me, unless absolutely critical for the ambient light watching times, if I had your setup, I'd definitely get a Reference Studio White...
It's 5 meters long. Milosh
The plug is on the right side. Milosh
He lives about 20 minutes away from the demo-room, so as I've said, I think seeing it in person and comparing any EluneVision screens is definitely the best way to go as far as figuring out white vs gray, seeing the performance with his own eyes compared to the performance of his current screen, etc.
To Zuluwalker, and the rest of our customers (and potential customers), I will address his allegations one last time. First, I would ask everyone to, in summary, ignore him, and not reply to what amounts to nothing more but his thread-crapping. Why I ask this is the following:1. Searching through his history of posts on this site, it's easy to see that mandarax is not a potential customer, he is a direct competitor. He sells Da-Lite screens and projectors, calibrates...
Keep in mind if you already purchased a non-Reference screen from a while back, you are eligible for an upgrade price, which most of the time is 100% of the price of your old screen (and you don't need to return the old screen). For info on the upgrade program or to get the store location and see the screens in action, you can go to Eastporters, and use the Contact page if you have any further questions. Milosh
I would suggest coming to the Eastporters store demo room in Hamilton, where you can see the different materials, etc. That's a fairly short drive.
Wow! Room is looking very professional and wonderful! Would love to see some different photos and angles once all the toys are plugged in and the furniture arrives Milosh
New Posts  All Forums: