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http://www.elunevision.com/ref-tab/f6.jpgEssentially, how it works is that you attach those two ceiling mounts (that come with the screen) to either the ceiling or the wall with screws. You space them apart and at the same height, and then clip the screen to the mounts.If you have any specific questions that the above didn't answer, feel free to use the "Contact Us" page on Eastporters.com, and your inquiries will definitely be answered promptly.Milosh
The High-Power screen would be overkill for a projector that can put out 2400 Lumens as far as brightness, and it comes with obvious disadvantages over a Reference screen (hot-spotting, color accuracy issues, minimal but still present texturing, etc). It's funny, a lot of the things rnrgagne mentioned would apply to you if you were to get a High-Power screen as well. Another thing with the HighPower is the projector needs to be dead-center and at eye level for best...
The reason we don't have the 92" 2.4 listed is that we are unfortunately out of stock for this model/size. Milosh
I believe your particular screen came with the old set of instructions. The instruction manuals were swapped out, but I believe that your screen box must have fallen through the cracks - apologies for that. The new instructions are much-improved:http://www.eastporters.com/PDF/Elara/assembly.pdfI would add to your comment that, overall, the Reference Studio Gray material is better with ambient light than the Perlux 1.4 material, boosting black levels, while still keeping...
It is a 1.15 gain screen.http://www.elunevision.com/referenceaudioweave.html
I wouldn't try arguing with the numbers, but the THX recommendations have always been too large for me, and I do see a lot of exchanges down to a smaller size for people who go with the THX recommendation as per above. Their reason is always the same reason that I recommended the particular size screen in the post above: you need to shift your eyes too much if the action is not always centered on screen (ie if the most important part of the scene is at the left or at the...
From 10 feet away, I don't think you would be able to see the whole screen surface very clearly without having to shift your eyes back and forth, which would mean you went too big. Personal taste is always there, but I don't think I would go above 100" screen from 10' away.
I would go with the 100" or the 108" personally, but it's a matter of taste. Some would go with 115" even, but I think the safe bet for the majority would be either the 100" or 108". Thanks, Milosh
I would recommend the Gray if you do want the better black levels. I personally use the gray, because black levels are the Achilles' heel of all but a few of the extremely high-end projectors.
This is for everyone's benefit as much as it is yours, as I've owned, sold, demoed thousands of EluneVision screens over the years, so hopefully this helps. This is in general for both the Reference White and the Reference Gray screens:-day and night color accuracy between the Elara II and the Reference series-zero hot-spotting vs a fairly decent amount of hot-spotting, which can get very annoying when watching hockey, any sports, or whenever you get to bright movie/tv...
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