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I'm interested in purchasing a replacement bulb for my Marantz 11S2. I see a few vendors on ebay offering the bare bulb alone at a significant savings. Is there a problem replacing the bulb by itself as opposed to replacing the entire module? Thanks, John
I'm thinking of replacing my Marantz 11S2 w/ the W7000. Do have a few questions though: Am using a ceiling mount with the lens centered on the top edge of a 120" scope screen 14.5' away. I assume there is enough vertical shift to accommodate this arrangement. Can the projector be run in letterbox mode while running 3D? I currently use a Prismasonic 5000 w/ vertical stretch for scope use. Thanks, John
I'm experiencing a HDMI handshake issue w/ my 705. My cable box is connected to the 705 via HDMI as is my Marantz projector. When I change channels oftentimes I lose the signal and it then takes a short time to reconnect. My PS3 also exhibits similar behavior when a blue ray is first inserted and the screens change for previews & different menu displays. Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks
I just installed this program but when I tried to add an MTS file the program balked and indicated that I needed to "install a video compressor to convert this file". Could somebody enlighten me on this. I thought the program contained whatever was needed to handle an MTS file. Thanks, John
Is there any way to get my PS3 to recognize a playlist? If not can I edit the file numbers to get the order of playback I want? Thanks, John
I wish it were only eight movies, on mine & Alan's it was a four day marathon. With the cost of the bulbs I hope they put in a fresh one before the units were shipped otherwise we're owed a 10% credit on a replacement.
I just received my 11S2 and upon starting it up I brought up the info. display which showed 96 hrs. total time but 1999 hrs for the bulb. WT?? Is this typical? I know the units are tested at the factory but 4 days? This unit is a step up from a 15S1, like Catdaddy, and that one showed 0 hrs. Those that own one, do you remember what the total time was when first starting your unit? Although the box was sealed w/ one layer of tape I'm wondering if I got a demo. piece....
So Alan, what are your impressions? You've had all of 24 hrs. to use it.
I just found a couple of Xbox HD drives at BB, thought the rebate extended to end of Feb. forgetting this is a leap year. Screwed again, BB rebate center said NG. Just my luck.
I have the same problem w/ my HDMI4x1 and PS3 w/ my new 1080 projector,Marantz 15S1. Had no problem w/ my 720 Mitsu. HD1000U. I removed the HDMI4x1 as the new projector has vert. scaling and have had no problem since.
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