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Happy New Year to All!!! Hey Kryptonite, I did not mean to be rude but I think the spelling is Bluray... Al,
Toy Story 3 does have some good bass...
Great review. You rent that place? It's pretty big for an apartment to fit all those toys. Your upstair or side neighbors don't complaint? Al,
My take on this is not a good idea. You will need to build a very sturdy box for the sub else it will vibrate/shake stuffs in your entertainment center. With a sturdy cab, it will add lots of weight on your entertainment center (might be hard to work with and move around). Also, you won't have any other placements to play with which can play a very important role of having good FR. That's just my take. Al,
Here's an update. I've just recently purchased a pair of EX-PR18 (used -still waiting for shipping). I'm heading toward PR direction. Okay so I got 1 avalanche 15 driver + 2 EX-PR 18 + 800 Watts to play with. Can you guys some help me model this PR configuration? I've just reinstall my PC and dont know where my Bassbox software is (moving and renovating the house isn't help neither) Anyway, there's a size restriction though. The height can't be higher than 24"...
Nothing special compare to these guys on here. I have a LLT 300L sonotube 15" Avalanche powered by QSC 850Watts bridged. I'm thinking of building the PR and ditch the sonotube (size). Pictures are in DIY Gallery post#130. I've just noticed that it's 4 yrs old sub now... wow... maybe it's time to change Al,
I'm surprised to see a few of Fontana residents on here. I'm in the Heritage Village (15 and Baseline). Sorry, I don't have any extra cabinets that fit the LMS. You can look up in the Yellowpages for Lumber Yards. Some of them will cut MDF for you for a small fee (50 cents/cut). I built my first 21" cube cabinet that way since I don't have a pick-up truck and too cheap to rent a truck. I did this with Barr in Rosemead years back. I've just moved here in Fontana...
Chirpie, Excellent finish. I love that veneer. Great job. Your speakers look so good that makes me itching to build something and try to veneer them Al,
Looking good. No braces for the box? I would add a couple braces for it. Enjoy the bass. Al,
Thanks for the update. It sounds like a lot of fun. Al,
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