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Robert, I haven't follow this for awhile. Anyway, can you list what you got on this computer? Why would you need to connect your laptop to ur comp??? I got confused from reading ur threads. I thought you have an external sound card right? Don't you connect the usb cable from your sound card to your comp? Are you talking about laptop or desktop? I thought you got everything straighten out and was able to take measurements? lil lost... Al,
my refurbished sr8001 comes with the front panel cover. Everything looks brand new. Got an upgraded firmware as well Al,
Oh, I'm not familiar with the Crown amp. I thought it's like any other pro amps. Anyway, your FR looks real good. I'd love to have my sub reach down that flat and low at listening spot. Can you extend the graph to 200hz? Other than measurements, have you listen to them w/ different amps? Which one do you prefer? Measuring is one thing, how do they sound in real life is another. Al,
I'm not sure on this but I think you can buy an extended warranty? Check with Marantz. Al,
Robert, Wow. This looks very flat. Impressive. Most pro amp has HPF of 30hz and/or 50hz HPF. You can disable them (switches in the back). Al,
I'm on the same boat for more than 2 years. I was waiting and waiting and waiting for it to come out.... 2 years after the initial talk, I have to thank them... cuz' 2 months ago I just pick up a Marantz 8001 and saved myself quite a few dollars if I was to buy the Marantz in 2007 I had gave up on them and figured that if it takes them this long and still not able to produce it... Just imagine how long it will take for them to fix your problem/issues if there are...
See my comments on your other thread. I would get the flagship model of Marantz SR8001. And call it a day... I don't think you need much more power than 125W to drive your Rockets (8 ohms?). Then again, if you have a huge room and you are far away from the speakers... you might need an external amps to help out. But I will buy the SR8001 and see how it goes... You can get an amp anytime after if you feel the need... Al,
I'm glad to help. Al,
I'd go with the SR8001. 125W is more than enough to make your speakers sing. It has plenty of power to drive my speakers. I don't think the 6001 comes with the Audyssey Mic (not sure? but it will cost you about $50 for the mic). The SR8001 does come w/ the mic. I'm not sure how they will sound (don't have the 6001) but I will put my money on the 8001 on SQ wise as well. There are some other additional features that the SR8001 has like extra hdmi inputs, Toroidal...
Kevin,It's an improvement over the Pioneer (in term of hook up wise) cuz' the HD-A2 will upconvert your sd dvd to 1080i then via HDMI to the Marantz. While the Pioneer can only do 480P. And if you want HD, you'll have to hook up the A2 to your TV. It's actually very nice even my gf thinks the sd movies looks good and she thought it was HD. Then again, it's up to your player and not the Marantz. The Marantz will pass whatever you sent to your TV.Regarding heat, I don't...
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