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here is the prices for 2014. http://www.flatpanelshd.com/news.php?subaction=showfull&id=1397623974 X950 •65” 65X950B - $7,999 •84” 84X950B - $24,999 X900 •55” 55X900B - $3,999 •65” 65X900B - $4,999 •79” 79X900B - $8,999 X850 •49” 49X850B - $2,099 •55” 55X850B - $2,999 •65” 55X850B - $3,999 •70” 55X850B - $5,499
the harmony remote worked on my LV9500 with the service menu. I bought the Harmony 650 instead of the LG service remote because it can be used as a all around remote, not just on the LV9500. The people on this forum did a great job on explaining how to use the Harmony 650 remote to gain access to the service menu.
I was not one of the people to figure out how or what to do in the service menu. I want to thank those people again. I have the US model LV9500 which thanks to the people on this forum I have 3D. If I remember right the non US models could not activate 3D and I don't know why. This TV has great 2D and 3D,my sister in law still makes comment's on how good it looks. She has a 52 sharp.cheapest remote:Harmony 650Glasses:AG-S250This is for the US modelYou need to check this...
Thanks HockeyoAJB ! I used to play ice hockey, I just watch ice hockey now. I am a fan of FALD because of watching a lot of ice hockey! The computer I am using is a HP9300T with cablelabs DRM certified bios which is only able to be played back on the HP9300T and with xbox media center on another TV. Looks like thunderbolt is going to be on my next computer.
Panasonic offers Display port on their 4K TV'S. I have a cable card computer that plays TV and records HBO & Stars for playback thru HDMI! My question is, if I try the same thing with display port, will it not work?THANKS AGAIN SCOTT!
Ok! Their is a AX900! Check this out on comparing to the ZT60! http://www.flatpanelshd.com/news.php?subaction=showfull&id=1397194552 I confess I am a fan of FALD LED LCD from 2007 when I picked up one!
I think it was the new Panasonic 85 in TV that has less zones then the 65 in, AX900 series.
My LG LV9500 has 280 zones and it is a 55 inch.
Try this site for more news on the ax900 Panasonic will release a very high-end 4K TV this autumn called AX900. Panasonic says that “the AX900 offers a superior panel, the highest class of local dimming, and a powerful processor for a seamless, beyond smart experience. The AX900 is another testament to ultimate 4K picture quality encased in a modern, timeless design”. http://www.flatpanelshd.com/news.php?subaction=showfull&id=1395647244
I agree! DP would work with computers and every thing else! HDMI, min HDMI,DVI,and composite cable? I have a box of junk cables that cost a lot of money when new!
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