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Well yeah. The baby bone baskets practically eliminate distortion as well. Pretty well known stuff
I'm sure there is. Would be cool to have a gtg. I will once my basement is done. That's a ways out though
Good luck man!!!25% less than a zillion dollars isn't bad
Dude, Chop mentioned NO names. Think about it. He's right. Telling someone "I know a a reason you shouldn't buy those, but I cant tell you" is just outright juvenile. I'm sorry. It is.We all help each other here and depend on the knowledge of others to make purchases costing thousands of dollars. It's pretty wacko if you think about it. The level of trust all of us have with a group of people on the internet that we have never even met.If someone has information that could...
You would have to understand what is not being insinuated here
I'm in Canton near Ann Arbor
i finally got Windows and Winisd running on my computer and im trying to model these two drivers. actually its 2 IXL's in 18cft. getting 1600 watts VS 1 UXL in 11cft. getting 2000 watts. both tuned to 17Hz. if im doing this right, the 2 IXL's have a small 1-3 DB advantage above tuning, but for the most part, the single UXL keeps up with the dual drivers in the bigger box
Come on man!!You can't make a statement like that and then say sorry can't tell you how I know !!!! :0IlSure your pm box is blowing up. You just want attention don't you
It was explained a little in another thread somewhere. His manufacturing cost was going up and he wasn't going to be able to make a profit so he decided to stop making them. AFTER he starting liquidating the drivers, he found a way to keep producing them for a profit. That's how I read into to it anyway. I don't get any sense of foul play here guys. The manufactured demand argument doesn't make sense. The drivers were already very popular. What would he have to gain for...
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