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I really liked this movie. I enjoyed it more than the first or second one.
I just watched this for the first time. One thing that bothered me is that Spider-Man seemed like a total weakling when battling the Lizard. Maybe the Lizard is significantly stronger than Spider-Man, but Spider-Man is super strong himself, and I would at least expect him to get a few good licks in, instead, he seemed like an acrobatic weakling almost powerless against the Lizard. And in the climax, it was more Capt. Stacey who was kicking the Lizard's a## than...
Well, I'm reading the book now, and at one point the narrator comments that they move slow, but they can move pretty fast when they want to.I saw promos for this on TV, and assumed it was coming out soon, but it turns out its not due for release until June 2013. Why are they showing previews on TV already for a movie that doesn't come out for eight months?
Well, to follow up on my previous post, I've seldom had a problem with discs I bought, and when I did they could be fixed with an update. The Blu-rays from Netflix being constantly scratched was the problem. But I use an LG Blu-ray drive in a computer running Cyberlink PowerDVD 10 hooked up to a projector. Maybe that's less forgiving than a dedicated player.
I had the same problem. At least one out of three discs, or more, I received were unplayable. This went on for months and months. I was worried they would blame me for all the damaged discs. The situation finally improved and most of the discs I received worked.. I'm not using Netflix at this time, I was just running out of stuff I wanted to watch, and I usually buy the Blu-rays I want to add to my collection, like the Avengers and Prometheus; and it takes forever...
(I just quoted part of your response to make it clear whom I'm replying too.)Good post. You basically summarized what's wrong with this movie, and a lot of other movies as well....which is stupid, moronic plot points that could easily be cleared up with a little rational tweaking. Why do Hollywood movies have to be so dumb? Are most directors idiot savants? I can take a little bit of implausibility and a few plot holes, but not the massive amounts you often find in ...
That bass player from the Beatles did some good stuff.
I agree. It takes a lot of work, planning and rehearsal to stage a good fight scene, and the Bourne movies set a standard. If you want to see a counter example of really bad fight scenes, watch an old Matt Helm movie with Dean Martin (rolls eyes). They sure ruined those novels.Well, I guess for everyone who couldn't picture Matt Damon as an action star, he sure proved them wrong. Too bad he didn't want to do another one, but what can you do? The world has too many...
I just preordered the Bu-Ray from Amazon, plus a couple of DVDs to give as Christmas gifts. I have no idea if this movie is any good, and am making a blind buy based on the storyline - I like dystopian science fiction, the fact it was a blockbuster exceeding expectations - I guess that means something, and because Jennifer Lawrence was so good in Winter's Bone.
Yea, the trailer was kick ass at any rate... - Is that word allowed on this forum? Last time I used it on a (different) forum they #@! it out.
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