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Is this really the case? I realize that the intro (menu?) and trailers, etc. are likely encoded at 1080i/50Hz, but would think that the movie itself (French pressing of Tell No One) would be 1080p24.And, yes, I realize that not being able to view the menu and thus access the main feature (which would presumably be readable by a most/all US players) might render the distinction irrelevant,
You know, you can have your cake and eat it too by upgrading to a larger screen, or better yet a front projection setup. Yes, I know that isn't practical for many, but you get the improved 3D impact that size by itself (or sitting much, much closer to the screen) gets you, without compromising on a fair chunk of compositional information (not to mention artistic intent) on the sides
I'm not sure the comparison w/ a 2D interlaced image is entirely appropriate. After all, the rapid refresh rate w/ a 2D 1080i interlaced image means that each eye is always seeing a full 1080 lines (assuming 60Hz refresh). With a passive fixed pixel 3D panel, each eye only ever sees 540 lines. Yes, your brain integrates/stitches those images into a coherent whole, but fraqnkly, your brain does an analogous thing w/ a 2D image. However, with a passive fixed pixel...
I'm afraid your logic doesn't hold up to scrutiny. Regardless of whether you're using active or passive glasses or no glasses at all and staring at a painting in a museum for that matter, your 2 eyes are always simultaneously absorbing and integrating in your brain the image(s) you happen to be looking at. The fact that active glasses block any image to a particular eye for a small fraction of a second is outweighed by 'persistence of vision' i.e. if refresh rates are...
Finding Nemo Ultimate Collector's Edition 3D Blu-ray pre-order at Deep Discount (deepdiscount.com) for $19.99. Not sure how long this will last
Does anyone know if the French and/or Italian BDs of the Avengers are region free? if so, would really like to import one to the US given that we've got 3.5 weeks to go b4 release date.
Count me in.
Thx. Ordered. Based on DD's track record with 'real deals', I bet this doesn't last more than a few hours.
Not sure how you get to an effective price of $17 to $22. $35 list less $8 coupon = $27. Do you think list price will fall to b/w $25 and $30 at some point BEFORE release date?
Following up on my own post from a month ago, does anyone have an update on region status for the foreign releases of Avengers? Curiously, Amazon.co.uk explicitly denotes 'region-free' status in the title, but not so for the amazon.frGiven that it's a Disney release in both countries, I would think it unlikely that there would be a difference in region coding between the UK and French pressings.
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