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I also have a setup with a Onkyo 706 reciever, but I some times hav audio fall out when I use the passthrough setup and the sound is PCM 2 channel or simular. I can fix it by going to a file with DTS and back again. Have you the same experience?
im not sure if I have to update my 905,its only the DSP1 thats older..strange by the way Main Version 9 1.08/08223A DSP1 07601A DSP2 07518A DSP3 07820B HDMI 07706A VIDEO 07606EO/ NET 1.01/070731z
I read the new 606 has "Audyssey Dynamic EQ", do we know if it will be added to the 905 as a firmware update?
didnt you use the US firmware? if not where did you get it from?
im on Main Version 9 1.03/07730A DSP1 07601A DSP2 07518A DSP3 07518A HDMI 07706A VIDEO / NET 1.01/070731z So no update for me...
Can you give me more info, im still on the first version as Danish Onkyo support wont update......
I have drop outs on the Onkyo 905
Can any one explain the "bit" information on the information menu, sometimes it shows 30 bit other times 36 bit
do we know if it accepts 220V? (just like PS3 multi voltage)
is there any thing missing when using US firmware on a European 905
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