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The HX950 has 96 on the 55". I believe the 65" has a few more.The Vizio P series could be a serious contender and the Reference series might blow everything away.
I'm interested in seeing if Vizio allows for the same level of Local Dimming in Game Mode with a good input lag response time. The one thing I dislike about my Sony 55HX950 is that local dimming is greatly reduced in Game Mode. You have to turn it off even in it's limited state to get a good input lag response time. If Vizio can provide good local dimming and a great response time I could see myself purchasing one.
You should be fine with the pass through. You'll be limited to 24FPS but that's fine for watching Blu-ray.
I've got a 14 GT500 but man do I like this Vette!
I had that Vizio and it was very good at the time for it's price point.
Pretty much every LCD these days has uniformity issues to a certain extent. Just depends on the severity and your level of tolerance. These sets are better than most but not perfect.
I have that as well but it certainly isn't consistent.
What blows my mind is Sharp isn't offering the Elite tech in their lineup by now.
Still rocking my Sony 55HX950. I love the set but always on the lookout for a bigger set with at least the same picture quality.
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