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I'm still anticipating my honeymoon (believe it or not), been setting-up room going on over one year now.........
hard to believe. I would imagine there is more production run coming. Marantz web-site still displays same units with "New" tag above image. But maybe there are new releases coming any day now?
So I went into the BDP-93 "Setup Menu", navigated to "Device Setup", scrolled down and selected "NetFlix". Then selected "De-activate NetFlix". I get message that NetFlix has been de-activated. I exit menu. Powered-OFF BDP-93 unit. Then recycled A/C power.I powered-ON BDP-93 unit. Went into Setup Menu. Navigated to "Device Setup", scrolled down and selected "NetFlix". Then selected "NetFlix ESN" to activate NetFlix. I get small dialog screen directing me to login to a PC,...
I enabled the Firmware Update menu selection and it responded that the firmware is the latest version (BDP9x-79-0910).I will look into deactivating/activating NetFlix and see what happens.Thanks
My BDP-93 can not seem to connect to NetFlix for some reason. Upon navigating to the "Home" menu, I select "NetFlix", the red NetFlix banner appears. The circle progress icon appears and is spinning. The messages displayed read: "connecting to NetFlix....", then "getting titles....". However it does'nt navigate beyond this point, the circle progress icon just continues to spin. I tried bouncing the unit (cycling AC power), it exhibited same behavior- just sitting there...
I saw a clip of this moment on local news (here in L.A.) this morning, it seemed to have been more of a nervous reaction to the "live" situation upon realizing that the teleprompter malfunctioned. Caught him a little by surprise and he lost his frame of thought.
is this PCB from the AV8801?
Please check out: B&W Speakers, Monitor Audio, D&M Holdings (Denon/Marantz), McIntosh, Yamaha, Oppo, Samsung, Epson (projectors). Post images These are the primary manufacturers I'd be looking for if I were there.
Happy New Year to the virtual world!
cool. What amp and speakers are you using?
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