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The two blink sequence seems rare, most people with power supply or mainboard issues seem to get a three blink sequence. My X3 however has a history of shutting itself down with that same two blink sequence. I've gone to considerable lengths to figure out the issue and despite having two technicians look at the machine nobody has been able to trace the problem. Pretty frustrating, but then I live in New Zealand and the support for Jvc projectors is abysmal. The one thing...
Do you recall how many times the orange light flashes when the machine locks up or fails to start?
Currently you can get the Mitsubishi HC7900 for around $800, which is ridiculously cheap. For image quality, so long as you don't need to go too big (110" or smaller), the Mitsubishi will likely edge out the Optoma and Benq machines due to its superior black levels.
How about a Mitsubishi HC7900? These are going for under $1000 at the moment. If I was in the market for a low cost projector, don't think I'd look any further.
I have pretty much the same issue. From my research and experience I've come to believe this is likely a processor pwb issue. JVC put out a number of service bullitins regarding various processor board issues and appropriate fixes; see a few pages back for links.Has your machine ever shut itself down, with blinking orange/red leds?
This is amazing. Thank you Jellyfish666, you may have just saved my skin. I have mainboard issues with my dla x3, and the information you've provided is a gold mine.
I'm wondering if anyone has detailed information regarding the control board resister that was swapped out on some of these units? More specifically where on the main board the resister is located? I live in New Zealand and it's proving very difficult to find someone with the expertise to service a JVC projector. I know that my machine has had the resister swap out, and I want to present the technician currently working on the projector with as much information as...
My second lamp is now dropping out in brightness, so I guess it's something else further down the chain causing the problem. Possibly the ballast? The annoying thing is that it seems to do it generally just after starting the machine up for between 10 seconds and 10 minutes, it then stabilises and works fine for hours on end.
I removed the lamp and replaced it with a spare. The projector has been working great since the swap-over, so hopefully it was just a lamp/seating issue.
Thanks guys, will try both of the above suggestions tonight.
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