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VGA does not carry sound like HDMI.
you must be in the wrong site because alot of avs forum members upgrade their video and sound systems each and every year. Look at all the folks who bought a PS3 just because it had solid snakes picture on the side and sold their old systems. Look at the PS3 folks again and ask them why they sold their old PS3 with a 90nm chip in it with a 65nm chip it this is AVS we are constantly upgrading for small reasons. I think its utterly pointless that your here at this site if...
forgot to say I sold it without hard drive so once the new one comes in I plan to sell the hard drive from it and just insert my old hard drive. Figure I can sell it for like 80 bucks or something a 120giger. There was a deal in my local store where I got it from a new elite with two games inside it, lego star wars complete saga and lego indiana jones for 450 shipped no taxe!!!
Does it really though is that why FF7 is still considered a top game even with the carpal tunnel syndrome 3 disc set for the PS1 that it caused so many court cases over
have a look outside sony circle of gaming you will see how blu ray won
its up to you, but I was able to get 300 minus 50 for amazon commission and it costs like 15 to ship it after everything said and done i got 235 straight dollars after shiping.
Is that a bad movie or pointless I heard too many pros and cons of the falcon. Though there was no issue with my old 360 I sold it for the falcon chipset.
I think your the first person to actually point that out in the former high def war. US (AVSFORUM memberes) were blinded in all this HD former war format we forgot that the only diff was codecs and increased storage space between the two. the blu ray fanboys were saying that movies, "NEED 50GB OF STORAGE TO WATCH A FULL HIGH DEF MOVIE" then you had HD DVD saying, "its the codecs that matter the compression"
I serioulsy hope its as easy as ordering as what we do now when we want to watch something. Is it going to take MS points or we need a credit card for each transaction? It better be seamless.....
good point DRALT I bet in a year the same discussion comes up again with the same 10 pages of it. I bet if I save this link and someone posts the same discussion and I bring this specific topic up and they say to my response, "its not the same discussion its different SONY is different and 360 is different" i heard it all before and you know how sarcastic I can be
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