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As the title reads, I'm trying to figure out the best way for my LFM-1 EX's shiny top to avoid tons of scratches both from an overactive toddler and from a significant other who likes to use the top as a coffee table when it's not in use. I'm much less worries about the rest of the subwoofer, but does someone have a recommendation on how protect the top area? Maybe some contact paper?
I ran my rc-70s straight out of a 709. Moved to an xpa-2 and noticed almost no difference. It will be perfect. I ran the 70s, rc-lcr, and 2 sets of rc-10s off the 709
If you don't like the way the RC-10 sounds, RC-LCRs are a mistake. By bigger sound, do you mean more low end extension? Do you mean something that will play to higher SPL? What are you looking for exactly?
I'm having a hell of a time here. For those of you who have heard the Martin Logan Motion 12s with separate subwoofers, what would be your comparison for a musical environment? I currently have 8s for midbass and 2 12" woofers powered by a behringer EP2500 providing low bass and I have everything in the lower frequency range covered pretty soundly. I have great synergy with my current system, but I keep hearing about the folded ribbon tweeters. I am wondering if the...
I need to give cheap bookshelves to a friend, would the 130s be a good choice for a stereo listening system in the price range? Where do they roll off on the low end?
hmm, wondering how musical the sub is? Have a google offer coupon for $40 for newegg and debating if this sucker will fill in under 120Hz in my stereo nearfield listening system (sunfire CRM-2 ribbons + emotiva XPA-2)
Debating whether to get this for my stereo listening system. Decisions, decisions.
Hah, no sub in the bathroom! I can control steam, but I'm worried about leaving electronics on the floor. I'm actually tempted to nuke the order for the 2 outlaws and pick up a HSU VTF-15H instead. Someone convince me otherwise!
anyone have thoughts on RC micros for bathroom use? Steam isn't really a problem. In my HT I have RC-70s + an RC-LCR in front, RC-10s as surrounds + rear + 2 outlaw audio LFM-1 EXs coming to replace the custom sub I have currently. I also have Sunfire ribbons + a custom solid sealed 10" in my stereo listening room. The RC Micros don't have to blow me away, just looking for something that will sound decent . I have a 2x25W @ 8 0hm RMS amp + source already. Just looking...
the decision over whether to go with the OAW3 system is driving me nuts. I have a linksys e4200 v2 router literally right next to my receiver that outputs both 2.4 and 5.8GHz wireless signals. I'm concerned about interference. Anyone have the thing next to a router want to comment? Would I be better served with one of the amphony solutions?
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