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What a shame it's a sad day for plasmas. Lets hope OLED comes to fruition soon.
This 6010fd kuro is in good shape no dead pixels and no other screen issues that i can see. Got a sanus wall mount to go with it too if you want it. Got a 9th gen kuro to replace this one so i just don't have a need for 2 60 inch plasmas. I am in the DFW area. Thanks for looking. Bryan
Thanks man !
Do you have more pics of your equipment rack build? I love it and want to see if I can reproduce it.
I have the 2.7 GHz mini and i put an OWC SSD boot drive in mine and also kept the 500 gig drive in it as well. I also installed the 8 gigs of RAM and let me tell you it is O so nice but I am a speed junkie who knows if I really needed it.
Probably cause it's a bluetooth remote only. That is what I have been trying to figure out is if this tv has an IR sensor as well. It would be a bit of bummer if it doesn't as I am in love with my harmony remotes.
Has anyone programed a logitech remote to this TV? I am worried that since it has a bluetooth remote that you will have to have some type of bluetooth adapter like you do with a PS3 to control it with a universal remote.
What's your location ?
Looked them up on resellerratings and it isn't very good. Don't think I'd risk it.
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