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Have you found any solution, I have asked about this issue on several forums with no answers. Your 23Hz setting saves as 24Hz with Automatic right?
I just switched from ATI Catalyst to Nvidia, I want to ensure I get everything cleaned out which includes removing all of the catalyst components, all of the nvidia drivers and the EDID overrides from when I had the ATI card. The EDID seems tricky, I tried uninstalling the driver on the monitor but it still shows up as "DENON-AVAMP" as opposed to just generic. The main reason I want to get Windows back to a virgin state with the video drivers, etc is that I cannot get...
I can't get custom 23.976 profile to save. When I save it, it says as 24Hz flat with automatic timing.
I just switched from an AMD 6670 to Nvidia 550 GTX to finally solve my 23Hz woes. But after attempting to save a 23Hz setting with timing of 23.976 it is not working. So here we go! In the Nvidia control panel under resolution it lists under SD/HD, for 1920x1080 it has the following refresh rates: 60Hz 59Hz 24Hz 23Hz When I click to add a custom resolution I choose 23Hz, then under timing set it to 23.976...after the TEST I click save. When it saves it does not...
No issues with DVD/BD. 59hz
It happens on recorded content as well.
I just changed out my AMD 6670 for a Nvidia 550 GTX. Now when I try to watch live TV it cuts out every 20-30 seconds. The audio stays but the picture goes, sometimes its long enough that my projector tells me no signal almost like the video output completely stopped from the card but the audio kept going. -When I goto the Ceton Diagnostic I have no issues tuning channels. -Happens on all channels, HD, SD, Movie and Basic Any thoughts, fix, for this?
I'm really pondering a jump from my AMD 6670 to NVidia GTX 550. The main reason is that about 80% of my movie watching is ripped blu-rays @ 23Hz. The skips with the AMD card are really bugging me the more I notice them. Additionally the remainder of my watching is ripped TV shows using MPC-HC, most of them are older series in SD. Will the MPC-HC options available to me with the NVidia really outperform the AMD in this aspect?
Does the GTX 550 Ti support True HD/DTS HD?
I get an occasional skip, like every few seconds, when watching TV on the ceton card. Video is generally smooth, and the skip is hardly noticeable. Sometimes it seems consistent every few seconds and sometimes it is complete random. Any clues as to what this could be? Win 7x64 8gig ram Core i5-2500 Amd 6670 Im running my htpc at 59.98Hz not 60.0Hz
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