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Quote: Originally Posted by babgvant Try this. It's a problem with the way AMD handles luminance. Thanks, that did it!
Setup: Win 7 x64 AMD 6670 - Catalyst 11.5(a) (pretty much all options disabled) Ceton InfiniTV4 When I watch Blu-ray or MKV's or even AVI's the black levels are pretty good on my HTPC. When watching live TV in WMC the black levels are terrible. Anyone have any thoughts to why and more importantly how to improve the black levels on live TV in WMC?
So is Nvidia the king of the hill for HTPC cards right now? I thought they still had issues handling 23fps content?
Yes, I know how to use MediaInfo, and I have MediaInfo...but I was thinking more of the automatic switch in MPC-HC between renderers/filters based on progressive/interlaced content... If this is not possible then I guess I should use renethx's ffdshow method.
Anyone have any tips for "black crush" I have AMD 6670, Catalyst 11.5(a), the blacks when watching Live TV are pretty poor in WMC. When watching Movies or MKV files in MPC-HC the black levels are great. How can I improve the black levels on live TV?
How do I specify between interlaced and progressive content?
Even if i disable everything and only try to enable VA, it defaults to BOB... I will try to post pics of setup later tonight
The only option I have enabled under video settings is "enforce smooth video playback" Everything else is off, even if I turn this off and change to VA it goes back to BOB. Image Scaling - Off ITC Processing - Off Pixel Format - 4:4:4 Literally everything else off.
I tried this using a keystroke setting in the shortcut but it doesnt work.
Do I need to have PDVD9 installed to get access to this decoder, if I DL PDVD9 can I just register the decoder or point mpc to it?
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