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For me this is the definitive thread on fabric panel building. I used some of these techniques in my build (link in sig)http://www.avsforum.com/t/487747/fabric-frames
If you are going to have kids running around; you will either want a door on your cabinet that latches/locks or you will want to raise it up higher. Kids love to press glowing buttons and eject discs. Good luck!
I use IR heads that plug into a blaster hidden in the rack. I run the head wires through the rack to the front of the component where they stick on. The "stick" doesn't hold very long but they make a hood-like sticker that you can put over them to hold them on really well (and also clean up the look a little).
I think the reason you can notice it at all in the middle picture is because of the camera flash. To my eye in the normal dim light in the room, it is unnoticeable. Here's a zoom in on another picture at a different angle w/ less flash artifacts.
^^^ The custom face plates versus just standard shelves is about $325 more. So you could do a similar rack with a drawer, the remote/mp3 player cubby, 4 non-custom shelves and 3 blanks for about $525.
It's just 2 rack rails attached to the box you can see in the photo. You can attach any accessories, shelves, etc that only need front rail mounting. I have a full part list in my build thread.
About $850. The rack rails are screwed directly into a square wooden frame of 2x6's I built and attached to studs in the wall. Everything else attaches to the 2 rack rails.
+1 on the Minimalist Screen Wall approach; I shamelessly stole this idea for my build. After I built the wall I built panels covered in GOM701 black. Looks great despite the poor quality iPhone pics. Ignore the ugly side walls; that was since covered.
I am using this - I'm happy with it. You can tilt it to be straight up & down or 15 degrees forward. It's about 10 degrees forward in the pic I believe. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B000NMFCIA/ref=pe_175190_21431760_M2C_SC_dp_1
New Posts  All Forums: