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I just had a refi done with appraisal. The appraisal guy said that because I had put in a set of cabinets with a sink, it counted as a "mini-kitchen" and did add more value to the home than just a basic room. But other than that, nothing else really mattered. As a side note it was fun when he opened the door, stepped inside and said, "Whoa!" Makes you feel good Mike
It's been a long time since I've subscribed to a new build. Done. This will be fun to watch Great ideas. Good luck! Mike
Okay, so I was totally stoked to get home today because I prepped the last face plate for my rack and the paint would be dry on my face frame and I could get it all put together. But hey, this is the Shelton Theatre, it can't be that simple, right? Right... Anyone notice a problem here? Yup, that's right, apparently I grabbed the wrong piece of sheet metal (it was in a stack I had cut probably a year ago -- or more) and it wasn't wide enough. Grrr...and I even...
All right, good to know. I'll see if I can move them to the other server and repost them then. Bummer, picassa is much easier. But if you can't see them, you can't see them. Mike
Oh yeah, I remember you saying that. So smart too, you'll stay on task and get a sweet amazing projector at the prices we've payed for our outdated equipment.
That's weird, they all show up for me. Did you try a refresh? Is anyone else seeing problems? I started loading them on Picassa, if that's going to be a problem I'll go back to my cableone account. Not as simple but we've gotta have pictures -- that's half the fun!
Sheesh! I come back after what, a year or so and you're STILL "working" on your theater. Or actually, from what I can tell you're playing with your puppy. WHAT THE?! I feel like I'm on crazy pills here people!!Well, good news is, I'll still easily beat Logan in getting my room done MikePS. The photos are there, proof I actually did something.
The trim looks good. Careful plugging things in, next thing you know it'll be a year and a half later and you're just getting back to working on the room. Not that I'd know anything about that
I 2nd the colored wax option. We had some furniture that had noticable gaps (up to 1/8") between the top and the molding beneath it. It was at eye level and 100% noticable. A repair guy came in, rubbed some wax in it that was a pretty close match, shot a bit of lacquer on it from a spray can and you couldn't even tell. I think he was done in 5 minutes or less. I've tried "stainable" filler too, doesn't work. It never seems to match. Mike
You should have seen it before I cleaned up to start working in there again. I could barely find my table saw
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