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Game 3 of the World Series featured a bunch of visual errors, not to mention the fact that they 're-ran' a commercial break in the middle of the pregame. At least these guys are consistent.
Also, I just discovered that there is a WJW translator in Salem that was built/was supposed to be built to boost that signal in the area. Did it ever go on-line? If so, where do you have to be to pick it up?
No, I have not contacted them which I guess I should fault myself. I would think that over the last month (plus) of it being severely hampered, they would have noticed the problems with their transmission.
Another great night on WYFX. ALCS Game 1 was full of glitches and repeating frames, missing parts of the action and making the game less enjoyable to watch.
Last Thursday was a real treat. WKBN began showing the Big Bang Theory with only the laugh track for audio. They finally figured it out 3 minutes into the show, only to have intermittent problems through out the broadcast. About 10 minutes in, my wife and I just gave up and waited for it to be on demand the next day. I'm sure WKBN's advertisers would be thrilled to hear viewers are turning off their programming because of bad presentation.
There are two things going on here.1) the FOX sports broadcast (MLB in particular) appear to be in the wrong framerate. The games have a 'film' look to them that did not exist at the beginning of the year nor do they exist on WPGH either.2) all 3 of these stations, WKBN, WYTV and WYFX are 'glitching' on both Comcast cable and antenna in HD. Tonight, for example, the Ohio State game keeps jumping ahead 2 seconds and does so every few minutes or so. On WKBN or WYFX, you...
Thanks for the reply. That's fascinating. I was always under the impression that you local government owned the lines and the cable company was charged with up-keeping them for the privileged of being a monopoly in the area.
Yeah, but you are talking about from the pole to the house. They didn't run new lines up and down the street, did they?
I guess I must be hazy on this part then. If the municipality grants a franchise with a cable company, when the agreement ends, will the cable company reclaim all the cable lines in the municipality? Would the next franchise that operates have to run all new lines?
On both the antenna and on Comcast, WKBN/WYTV/WYFX have been horrible signal wise. Very glitchy, often time with drops. How is this trio of stations always such a problem?
New Posts  All Forums: