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We just got these channels in Coatesville, PA (Chester County) today.
New HD finally coming to Coatesville, PA: http://www.comcastworldofmore.com/coatesville/
What channels? Erik
So does anyone in Chester County have the five new HD channels yet?
That statement you got from the "Best Buy" employee was simply wrong. Broadcasters tend to have a mix of 480i / 480p / 720p /1080i on their HD channels. Erik
I picked up an Oppo 981 about a month and a half ago. The PQ seems pretty good, but I never had another upconverting DVD player to test. I bought the Oppo based on recommendations alone. Is it worth $230 and some change? I'm not sure. One thing that really bothers me is that they didn't seem to invest any money into getting a real graphic designer to do their on-screen icons. They look pretty pathetic in my opinion. I would have expected much better quality for a...
The audio problems I saw were "drop-outs" not lag. It wasn't related to the Vizio at all (I'm not using the Vizio for audio - I'm using a receiver). There have been a few posts on the TiVo community forum with other users experiencing the exact same problem I saw yesterday. It was a CBS problem, not a Vizio or TiVo one. Erik
It was plain torture watching the game with the audio problems yesterday. My cable box is a TiVo series 3. Video is run from the TiVo to the 47 via HDMI cable, and the audio is run to an Onkyo receiver via a TOS cable. It was pretty clear that CBS didn't know what they were doing. The game appeared to be broadcast in Dolby Digital. But the commercials were all over the place. Some were DD, DTS, or just plain old Stereo. It was really annoying. And every time they...
I want to thank Catmother for all his hard work. His posts have been very informative, and I can attest that his settings do make my GV47L look pretty damn good. Even appears to decrease the amount of posterization that I was seeing. Thanks again, Erik
I was wondering the same thing. Hard to draw real conclusions if you didn't try it in your own home.
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