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Cool and thank you
My 2007 setup Anthem Statement D2 Audio/Video Processor Anthem Statement A2 Rotel-RMB1075 PARADIGM: Signature S4-Mains Signature C3 Signature ADP Velodyne SUB: DD 12 B&W: CDM SNT(back) Remote MX-3000 Hitachi HDPJ52 (working on 1080p PJ, don't know what to get yet) OPPO DV-970HD Universal DVD Player with HDMI DVD Audio/Video SACD Player Bell ExpressVu HD Box Monster Power: Signature Series™ Home Theatre Reference PowerCenter™ HTS 5100 HDMI Cable: BJC Series-2 HDMI...
you will not loose any resolution D2 can handle all the current and Future sounds with HDMI1.1 also 1.1 will handle up to 24 bit of video in 1080P Unfortunately none of the screens/PJ/monitors at this time can handle anything above 12 bit so D2 will be fine for years Hope this helps
Agree DD would be my choice
Not yet Later this month or first week in Jan
Quote: Originally Posted by VTGOLFER Very nice set up indeed. I am looking to over haul my HT equipment rack as well. I currently have the B&W 803s's for fronts, HTM1 center, SCM's for rear and ASW 825 sub, Denon 5805, Runco CL 510. All this is going to change and most of everything you updated to I am looking at possibly adding. How hot does your D2 get? I will be auditioning the new Sig line when it comes out next spring but am not sure I can...
Thats a good price Congrats
Thats correct. U do wanna use your native resolution of your display and send everything from D2 at that resolution in your case would be: 1365 x 768 if you decide on 1540HD or 1920 x 1080 if you decide on Sony SXRD
New Elite will Check out Elite PRO-FHD1 I'm running 720p and 1080i to my PJ and the clarity of 1080p gets me going on the next upgrade. I like PJ's but Plasma would be my choice. If i would have $ for it. Grays and blacks are more detail on plasma or even DLP than SXRD or LCD just waiting for 1080p 40" plasma screen to become available on the market this thing will be placed behind my screen for games and kids watching movies. BTW you do wanna if you can use 1080p...
Sound and Vision Magazine just review AVM50 You should all read it: Here "BOTTOM LINE While the AVM 50's $4,699 price might seem hefty for anything but a huge flat-screen, it's actually two state-of-the-art products in one. That officially qualifies it as a sweet deal. Do I have any complaints? Well, its remote control could be updated with additional buttons to let users quickly switch aspect ratios and access picture controls — things that you now have to dig a couple...
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