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That was funny! My wife thinks I obsess too much It was bugging me for sure! Once I noticed it, I kept seeing it.I started seeing a bright shiny spot on the screen-glassy, almost like a tiny mirror. It was small, and always in the same place. I actually mentioned this earlier in this thread. My screen is a Stewart micro-perf. To see this, my head had to be in a very exact spot, and moving it made the spot disappear. It became very distracting, and I was seeing it...
Still loving my 1000 here! Had a Harry Potter marathon Sat.-Sun. One of the movies was on DVD, and even that was great on this projector. None of the 14 people watching noticed the difference. Finally recieved the new Sub for my HT the day before- a SubM HP F2. Final piece in place now (except maybe a universal remote system). I've been so busy enjoying the new system that I've not been on the forum a lot lately. (some travel, some burn-out after all the...
And yet.... he was still able to hang a 240 lb. motorized screen with one eye!!!The guy is Superman- I'm tellin' ya!nice to see you back!
Doesn't the Sony have a sealed light path? Where would the dust blob be? Is this something I can see or diagnose?Thanks
I've started to notice a strange phenomenon, and I'm wondering if anyone else has seen this or knows what it is. It appears as a small, but bright shiny spot on the screen. It has a mirror like "sheen" to it, like light reflecting off glass. I think it may be a reflection from inside the projector? It can only be seen when seated dead in-line with the projector, and moving ones head a few inches to either side makes it disappear. I also noticed a similar effect at...
OK.... "Besides the Sony's 4K abilities":Which DLP has no RBE inducing color wheel, matches or exceeds the brightness of the Sony 1000, has lens and zoom memory, also matches or exceeds the contrast of the Sony 1000, has equal or better placement flexibility- lens shift and throw ratio, and is also as quiet as the Sony 1000?I'm eagerly awaiting the list of projectors that meet this criteria.
Well said. I've got a similar screen- 122.5" wide micro-perf, and as much as I like the JVC, it just isn't going to light it up. The Sony delivers the brightness I need, and does so quietly. The 4K upscaling is amazing, but I'm not holding my breath for true 4K content any time soon. The Sony compares very favorably with projectors that cost a lot more!
I love the built in vacuum cleaner! What a great feature. This thing does it all.
I'm convinced!
Does iespell work in the new format? I'm not seeing it as an option when I post. Is there another spell check perhaps? also- just a suggestion, but more emoticons wouldn't be bad. Most sites I use have 10x AVS amount. Good luck with the new format- must have been a lot of work to change over.
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