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OK, so now you are expecting every $10.00 hour office assistant working in an HOA management company to know Federal law to do their job when answering the phone. Good luck on that. You keep harping on the people that did nothing to write the rules. They see a rule written down, and they parrot that rule the the person calling. They are not paid to interpret. The builders wrote them and your local and country governments approved them.
Do you know who "they" is. Chances are the "they" that he spoke to was someone at the HOA management firm. That person was simply quoting the rules that they are paid to enforce by the HOA. So before you accuse someone on knowingly trampling his rights get the facts.Many HOA's including mine have a warn first, fine second policy. We send you a warning letter that you are in violation. If the violation has not improved in a month then a fine is assessed.Remember that...
Gee, bitter much? He doesn't even know how tall of a mast he will need at this time, why would he start hassling them already?
Typical load of cr*p from a HOA hater. I as the president of my HOA was not picked last at kickball nor do I have a vendetta again the world. I simply want my community to have a minimum set of standards. I don't want to live next to a pink house with a yard full of weeds and cars up on jacks.Since you are obviously ignorant to how rules are developed by HOAs, the majority of the rules are not setup by the members of the board. The rules are developed by the builder of...
YMMV but here is the guidelines for our HOA:
My TiVo is reporting them at 296/1296 & 297/1297 but I am getting the message "Channel not provided by tuning adapter" Like you I am receiving 388 but there is no guide information.
Both of my TiVo's (Elite & 4) were still showing 4 tuners, but CableCARD diagnostics displayed "Failed to load 'CableCARD///apps/diag.html'". I rebooted and all was OK.
I will second the vote for TiVo. With the addition of the Tivo Mini it is perfect for my house. Just last weekend I returned two little use digital receivers to Cox because one Mini replaced them both and then some. I now have one little 6" box that I can carry from room to room as needed and see all of the channels that Cox has to offer and recordings from both of my TiVos. Another benefit of TiVo you get early notice of new channels coming since they appear on the...
Highly doubtful. You still lose the data on the internal drive. The data stored on the external drive will be encrypted with an encryption key stored on the main device. Without that key the data on the external drive is a bunch OF 0'S AND 1'S.
Apples and oranges, you are comparing two totally different types of devices. The Surface Pro is a notebook computer with a detachable keyboard, a full fledged PC that can run any software that runs on a PC. The iPad will only run iOS apps, and will not run any software that runs on a Mac.If you want to compare an iPad to a Surface, you have to compare it to the Surface RT which starts at $499, the same price as an iPad.
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