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I kinda like the SOE. I first seen it at a CC in SoCal on a Samsung where they were playing a HDDVD of Transformers. The very first part of the movie in the helicopter over the desert, it was almost like you were watching it live, or looking out a window onto the scene. I thought it was cool at the time, but I have seen some uses of it where is did not really fit the material.
Isopropol Alcohol would be how I would get the ink off. They will typically sell it at a drug store or the like. Be careful to check the label and make sure that it is just the Alcohol and water, typically it is a 70/30 or 80/20 mix. I have seen some of this stuff come with small quantities of acetone, methyl-ethyl-keytone mixed in as well and this would not be good for your screen. Good Luck!
Just checking the web I see that probably 6 blinks at power on is a backlight issue of some kind. If you want to do it yourself, there are resources to help. Here is a address of a Sony only website where you can ask questions and get some info. www.agoraquest.com I would recommend that you repair it yourself only if you have some kind of background in this type of thing. Sometimes you can make things worse if you don't know what your are doing at least a little,...
My main system is two Channel only. I have 2 Apogee Acoustics Ribbon speakers with subs for each. On the video side I do have a center channel for the wife since she is hard of hearing, but that is a different system to what I normally listen to and consider my main...
Wow, another Calibration Junky. Here comes the statement "I know you think it looks great, but it really doesn't because it has not been calibrated". Only one post from him above your statement in this thread, did not mention LCD. Should I have looked at everything he posted from day zero?Huh? I am not sure that I understand that statement.
I assume you know a bunch of them to make that statement. Somewhere you will surely bring up the Directors Intent and how PDP conforms to DI...... How many people really care about DI? That should be a Poll question really, better than this rehash of PDP vs LCD.Maybe that is because people who have bought LCDs are actually watching their sets instead of posting on the AVS forum about how great their sets are?
Correct, but it is needed for some things. I don't recall that he mentioned LCD anywhere in the post.
Have you ever looked at the sun reflecting off the water in real life and wished you had brought your sunglasses? If the same scene on your flat panel doesn't make you squint, then it is not realistic is it? Sometimes it is not about whites, just about how bright it really is. It is a good test for PDP, LCD and future OLED. No directors intent, just reality in your face.
So as I said in one of the first posts to this thread days ago, "Isn't this just a rehash of all the LCD vs PDP threads?" It seems that it is......... Imagine that.
Don't want to sound like I am a butt-head here, but isn't the subject of this thread just the last of a couple of thousand re-hashes of the PDP vs LCD argument? Maybe this is new to the OP but it is somewhat tiresome to allot of us....
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