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Metropole, I haven't been in this form for a while (Been too busy watching the HW30 :-). The fix that I have been using is to use a power off command from another Sony projector (VW 50). Turns out there are two different power off command. The first one takes two power off commands to turn the projector off. The second powers off the projector in one shot (you don't see the power off warning screen). What I did was copy the power off command from the VW50 to a...
widerscreen, Well I'm glad I'm not the only one to have this "feature":-) So are you hoping the plastic piece is in a safe spot and using your darbee ? I haven't tried mine yet (but dying to do so)
I got my Darbee yesterday and I noticed there was a piece of plastic rattling around inside the case. It looks to be about 1/4 inch square and seems to be made out of the same material as the case. Not sure what to do about it. I'm afraid the piece will come to rest against a hot component and melt. I guess I can look at the bright side, at least it wasn't a glob of metal. Any suggestions ? I sent a note to support at Darbee to see what they have to say about it.
AV Science has them on their Black Friday website. I got one on there yesterday. I just took a look and it is still there today.
I see the HW50 is out and the RC seems to improve the picture. My question is how does a HW30 with a Darbee compare to an HW50 and its RC ? I know the HW50 will (or should) have better blacks, but I was wondering about the detail enhancement. Thanks
g_bartman, How long did it take to get the DVD ? Was it really over a month ?
g_bartman, So what Amazon vendor did you get Sammys Adventure from - David Ho or Far East Flea Market ? What did you think of it ? I assume you got the Region A version ? Is it ok for a 8 to ,9 year olds ? Thanks
zombie, I was pretty happy with the HW30 results. What I wasn't happy with was the glasses. I wouldn't have expected them to be non-uniform in their darkness. If the glasses could be dark in the center, then why can't they be dark at the edges ?? If the glasses had been as dark at the edges at they were in the center, they would have passed pretty much every test on the disk.
Joe, I guess I'm kinda confused why the glasses should be so non-uniform. I didn't think LCD technology was that difficult to do anymore. The LCD is on or off. There shouldn't be "almost off" problems. Unless we are getting into the "that's good enough" mentality. Again it will be interesting see what zombie's monsters can do. Fat Dave, I usually don't run those setting , but put it in those setting when the first pattern wouldn't disappear. Then I started to...
Just tried Joe Clark's 3D dvd on my HW30. My settings are 3D Depth adjust was 2 and my brightness was MIN. My bulb is on low power mode. 1) The first 2 patterns showed how non-uniform my Sony glasses are. On the "dark side", the glasses had a black spot in the center that got lighter towards the edges. The test pattern's dark side was still visible with 10% brightness (where the glasses dark spot wasn't). Where the glasses dark spot was the test pattern was pretty much...
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