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i just upgraded videocard to ATI R9 280X, so with last jriver .128 release i could do NNEDI 64 neurons (with 128 gpu is at 90% and shutters) But i have a problem with madvr (all filters) now in Jriver, if i try to move scrollbar when a movie is playing, the PC shuts down and restart...this doesen't happen with MPCHC...is it a jriver bug? Anyone experienced that issue? Thanks
Which is acceptable dE range?? 0-1 ?? Thanks
Thank you very much.... So the same criteria to be applied to the other pre calibrations tools??
Yesterday i tried to start with dispaly calibration using first Calman meter profiling, but i had always error message of too big values differences i used 18% windowed patterns and my meter "stack" configuration (slightly tilted), but probably due of probes too close to the screen or readings out of pattern window, i couldn't have a valid measure This morning i tried to backward the tripod, raise it and no tilting, with probes side by side, and it was OK So now i...
Thanks, very useful readings... i will try to stay as close as possible to the screen and tilt the less i can
Ok , i will try later... BTW, in the picture i show as i tried to tie together an Xrite i1 colorimeter (below) and a colormunki photo spectophotometer to perform meter profiling by specto, as i read thet they shoul measure the same exact area...so i don't know if in my config the distance (small) between the two devices could generate a much big error in measurments
Thanks, so is better to backward than tilt?
Thanks, since shadow of specto+meter is quite big and cover the pattern center, can i place it a little bit lower and slightly tilt the meters upward?? thanks
Hi, i just purchased your disk, both version, iso and media files, so now i will try it with calman... Tonight, while sleeping :)i thought about this configuration of Spectro-meter....can it work or is a silly idea???
And probably new BR 4K will be not compatible with present players without HDCP 2...i guess Anyway, since i use mainly HPTC (not always MADVR) and set top box, probably i will give eecolor+Argyll a chance as 3Dlut Box and dismiss radiance
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