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My guess from another thread, Super One 2.0 maybe?
Super one 2.0 ?
Checked on it today.They do not have the price match for Black Friday items,even their own.
Both speakers have the same size drivers.The cambridge have more bass because they are rear ported.May be a problem using in a bookcase as the OP wants.
The Emotiva X-Ref 10 scored higher on bass accuracy than the X-Ref 12 or the SB12-nsd.Better sub for music?
I have one of these myself.Great receiver.I don't think you will get much help on here.This receiver is getting on up there in age, and Sonys are not very popular on this forum.I think you would have better luck at the Agoraquest forums.Good luck and hope you get it fixed.
I just called the 800 number in the tv manual.Lady who answered was super nice.Not what I was expecting, reading some of the horror stories on here about their customer service.I was also amazed they answered on New Years Day.JackspadesSI glad it worked out for you!I thought you might not see my post.
My girlfriends Samsung went out on new years day.Would not power on.TV was two years old in Sept.Called Samsung that day and found out about the capacitor problem on certain models.She told me they were doing a one time fix if this was the problem.If it was something else I would have to pay for the call.Set up service call and they sent tech out on Tuesday.Actually they called on Monday and wanted to come out,but not a good day for us.Tech replaced capacitors and tv was...
If you call Samsung they will fix your tv for free.
My Sony KDL-46W4100 was assembled in the USA.
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