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The Nook HD and HD+ were able to Run Google Play apps Since May...The Unit I'm buying from someone also has a Nook2Android 4.2.2 SD Card that will force it to boot to Normal Android, Since Nook Still Runs 4.0 w/ Nook Skin.Tested Apps for My Simulations on a NookHD I Borrowed from a Family Member and they all worked, (Exported Gauges in Racing Simulations, Exported Displays and Gauges in Flight Sims, etc)None of the Cox Apps worked (Contour or TV Connect), I can Prolly try...
So.. I'm gonna get me an Android Tablet soon (prolly 9 Inch NookHD+). Which Cox Apps should I be downloading? Cox Connect or Cox Contour? or just go through the TV Apps and download Individual Apps for networks I can access?
I Abuse the FRame By FRame and Slow Mo on the Moto DVRs, in Sports.
The Fact that she Speaks Geek, Intrigues McGee (and There'fore Abby) The Fact that she knows Movies, Intrigues DiNozzo (and there'fore McGee and Abby And Gibbs, lol).
Samsung Box?
Ditto, we have that here already..lol
Just started today, Powered on, started watching a football game, switched to NCIS, Unit Screen went black, with sound continuing for another 10 or so seconds. Once the Picture goes black, stand by light blinks 2x, pause. A few years back I replaced the Identical Chips ( MCZ3001D ) for the 7 blinks. Anyone that still has a repair manual (as I lost my PDF with my old PC), can list what 2-blinks is, and how to resolve it (I think i remember something about a 5v...
that explains how NCIS:LA got a sudden boost in Story Arc while NCIS went to a pretty bland ep by ep basis.
Why does my nTelos picture messages not get through to my email
What? NCIS Hawaii?
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