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2 AM because thats when the Box Gets its Updates.. lol, Looking at Guide Now I dont even have 710 or 714
Standard Digital Or HD?, HD For Me has been the same, some concerts Artifact up when the strobe lights and stuff go.. Standard Digital has been looking low SVCD rips for years (526x480 Now I think, we Get SD Lite, Satillite gets HD Lite)
lol, Im just saying HD Channels is COX's Strong points because satellite uses HDLite which looks gross, and now Verizon keeps sending me **** promising more channels than cox at HALF THE FLIPPIN' PRICE!!
Lol, My Dad would like FOOD in HD, He can Stare at Racheal Rays Melons all day in HD.
oh yay, MASN, ... something I'll Never Watch, Im Still waiting for : NFL Network HD HD On Demand (Yeah, Cinemax On demand Movies advertise it) NHL Network (Prolly wont happen) HDNet or Any DECENT new HD Channels
whats so bad about the XBR 970?, looked fine to me on display, though I own a 30KVHS420...
your fried the image processor
well, Best buy here did renovate the TV section, teh WHOLE back half of the store is now HDTVs, the WHOLE BACK WALL is on giant flat panel display, where they have 3 Rows of 30-60+ inch flat panels across the entire back wall, then theres One Isle by the Auto Speakers with whats left of the CRTs, and of course a Few in the "On Sale" Isle, which includes 34 inch XBR, the 30 Inch HS420 was in the CRT isle with the other SDTVs though. they also have a whole corner setup...
Best Buy Here Still Stocks the Sony CRTs (34 Inch HS420's and the 34 inch XBRs)
CRTS have a Variable Dot Pitch though, so the middle of the image would have a really close dot pitch and the pitch would slowly get bigger as you get to the outter edge of the screen.,
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