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happens to me every now and then, My Moto's have a low DOCSIS Ratign to begin with, so the data packets and transmitting are butt slow..
the Cisco Explorer 4642HDC and 4652HDC's look nice... i want one... dont need networking.. just need a better no motorola box.
i like using it for sports,
my moto's have slow mo and frame by frame, and had them for the a loooong time.
Windows 8 Beta stuff was rleased today, in case anyone didnt get the text, email, tweet, facebook update from Ceton.
Im guessing Charter is about to lose their wavy contract...... i dont know how many times in an hour i saw their lil message last night.... as for DVRs, im still rocking the Motorola 6400 series, 2 of them, ederly father doesnt want to give his up, but whenever he's grumpy he says to cancel cox, lol. he doesnt understand what the $200+/month pays for besides what he see's on the TV, i told him he can log into HBO/MAX Go and watch stuff there as well as cox.com/tv... but...
Cox should dump the non GHz DVRs and phase them out as people bring them in to be repaired/replaced.
you prolly got a Core2 xxxxxxx you have to have a HDMI HDCP Capable GPU, so even the 90 buck cheap , low profile ones will work.
Ceton tuners are $150~ on Newegg for Black Friday. (edit: didnt see post above, meant to post yesterday, but i fell asleep.) will dig for more details on MS Settop Box (which is separate from the Xbox Brand hardware).
just be glad we dont pay what some of the eastern countries do for Power...
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