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According to Gyrations, the receivers on their site will NOT work with this remote. They said they no longer have those receivers either. YMMV.
If you bought your D2 from an authorized dealer and it has ARC then you would qualify for the 1/2 price upgrade. The only introductory pricing special is the one I just mentioned. If there are other specials then I'm not aware of any.When does your coupon expire?Jim E.
Remember, the $7499 introductory price is retail. I'd be shocked, especially given the substantial downturn in business, if you couldn't bargain and get a great deal on the new unit now.For clarity and according to the literature I received, the 1/2 price upgrade coupon only applies to AVM 50's and D2's that were sold within the last 60 days or the dealer's existing demo unit.Finally, the factory sale on both the AVM 50 with ARC-1 and D2 is OVER. They were sold out as of...
The upgrade of any Anthem to a "v" is still in the TBD category. I would pass on upgrading and given the special pricing get a new D2v. Get in touch with a dealer and I'm sure you can get a bargain. ;-)THe rumor is that an upgrade from a D2 with ARC to a D2v will be at least $2600. You should expect a D2 without ARC or a D1 upgrade to a D2v to be at least $3000. This is just a projection right now.Jim E.
Some more info:INTRODUCING THE ANTHEMĀ® STATEMENT D2v AND ANTHEMĀ® AVM 50v As the leader in cutting-edge digital audio and digital video processing, Anthem is proud to announce the latest improvements to the industry's 'reference' standard A/V Processors. Now including the latest advances in video and audio processing technology, the new Anthem Statement D2v and Anthem AVM 50v are here! Full details will be coming soon on a Preliminary Data Sheet, but for now here are some...
We received literature and pricing effective today 12/29/08.Pre-orders have been taken already and anticipated delivery is late January but don't hold me to it pretty please. :-)Anthem has set introductory pricing for both the AVM 50v and D2v to be the same as the prior AVM 50 w/arc and D2. This means $5499 and $7499 retail for the new 50v and D2v.We don't know when the introductory pricing will end so get your orders in now. I believe they will increase $500 or so.Hope...
The flash erasor doesn't erase everything especially your audio settings.
Doh! Sorry about the yellow text. I use the black background so I didn't even realize it. I take a shot at fixing it.Cheers,Jim
Peter,Perhaps I can put in my $.02 based on email exchanges I had with Nick (Anthem) and a client in which the client tried to do an A/B comparison using the 6 channel outputs of his Denon 5900 to his D2.Rather than paraphrase, I'll just cut and paste the email exchanges and then you can be the judge as to whether or not it makes sense or even applies to your situation.CLIENT:"Nick -- good morning.As an experiment, I set my D2 "6-channel" input to "analog direct" and used...
It is true. If room eq = on then room resonance is bypassed. I tested it and just to confirm what Nick told me. ;-)
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