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You need to set the Human Interface Device Access service to Disabled.
I haven't use WMC in a while. But when setting up a series recording i'm pretty sure there is an option to record only "New" or all episodes.
The easiest option would be to upgrade your pc to Windows 7 so you can run Windows Media Center. You can purchase a dual tuner like this or this. These devices would allow you to record 2 shows at once. This would then allow you to stream Live and Recorded TV to your XBOX 360. You would have to purchase an additional 360 for your other TV though. If you have good reception this would give you access to all the channels you listed except TBS and TNT.
No. The Dual sends the signal to the WMC machine and the WMC machine does the recordings. The WMC machine also downloads the guide.You would save yourself a lot of headaches by using a more powerful machine as your WMC PC and go with XBOX 360's everywhere else. This way you would be able to have access to Live and Recorded TV everywhere.
You can have the WMC PC go to sleep after X amount of minutes. It will wake up on it's own for viewing scheduled recordings and for viewing Live TV and Recordings on the Xbox 360.I don't have any experience with the HD Homerun. I'm currently using a few Avermedia A188's (with MediaPortal not WMC). I wouldn't recommend rotating the antenna. What if you set up a recording and the antenna is facing the opposite direction? You're better off getting a couple of antennas along...
Make sure you don't have it set to QAM before scanning.
No. You use the xmltv plugin along with a batch file to automatically download epg data.There are a few programs you can use for the batch file. Schedules Direct, WebgrabPlus+, Mc2xml, and Zap2xml. I was using webgrab+ but found it sometimes listed the est times for some soccer games so I went back to using mc2xml. The only issue with it is if you plan to use genres colors in the tv guide, you need to use a script from the Mediaportal forums called getcat. This program...
No. This only happens when recording back to back on the same channel. Let's say you set 2 recordings. 9pm and 9:30pm. If you add an extra 3 minutes to the end of the first recording. Wmc will cut the first 3 minutes of the 9:30 show instead of using your extra tuner.
What do you mean by reliable? Even though I use MediaPortal myself, it's not as easy to install as WMC. If it were for a friend, I would probably install Windows 7 with WMC as long as he has 3 tuners. (I say this because of the annoying bug where you have to have a 10 minute post record when recording back to back channels.) Since it's a lot easier to get a hang of then MediaPortal.
I followed the directions on the page but it never worked for me. I've since started using AtomicClockSync which is working great.I have it sync the time every 12 hours.
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