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The Studio 100's are very efficent speakers I seriously doubt they require any more power than the Studio 60's. You can lookup the efficiency ratings of both at the Paradigm site and compare.
When you make manual changes to speaker size, crossover etc. after running auto EQ, the changes you make are saved as the default, but the EQ settings Audyssey made remains. The usual recommendation after Audyssey does it's thing is to go in and change all your speakers to small, cross them over at 80Hz, make sure the LFE is crossed over at 120Hz. This are the common settings, but may vary depending on what speakers and sub you have. For more info read this FAQ that...
While Denon manuals are pretty poor in general, it will walk you through auto setup pretty well. If you don't have the manual, you can download it from the Denon site. Post 143 of this thread is a FAQ from Chris at Audyssey which you should find helpful.http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...45#post7969145 Nick
Harry, re think you choices. Sixty five percent of your audio budget sound be in the speakers. You have things back wards. The amplification does not have much to do with the sound quality. Speaker choice and room acoustics have everything to do with sound quality. Nick
Harry, I suggest starting you own thread. You should have a much better response that way. Nick
Are they perhaps saying that if you buy now at the regular price, then when the new models come out in 2008 you will get 40% off of them? Nick
You are getting the picture. Sound quality is all speaker choice and room acoustics. The receiver is the last thing to worry about. Nick
Step right this way Mr. Phil, I have this lovely, barely used bridge that is on sale for today only. You get the idea. You were skeptical enough to ask about the power cord illusion here at AVS, so you are way ahead of many others. Nick
I use Audyssey with my Denon 3806, and I like what it does mostly. But nothing beats room treatments to solve acoustic issues. My personal experience is with bass traps and all I can say is "wow". Nick
When you set your speakers to small most receivers send all the content below the crossover frequency to the sub and all frequencies above to your speakers regardless of the bass management settings. In effect bass management is taken out of your hands except for your crossover frequency. There is no doubling up effect in this scenario. Nick
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