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I've had a SD8300HD DVR for about five months now and things have always looked great on my Sony 40" Bravia. My problem has been quick decompression errors at random intervals. For instance, I'm watching MNF right now and in the last hour and a half, it's happened three times. I use the optical out to feed into my Sony receiver. As I'm watching any channel, HD or SD, the screen will quickly flash random blocks (decompression error) on the screen and the sound will cut...
To my knowledge, since HDMI is a digital interface, you don't lose any quality as data is sent 1:1. (there is a chance of data loss that could cause artifacting or loss of picture if you use cables totalling longer than 20-25 feet) Also, you're not really SPLITTING the signal, you're just switching the path the data stream takes between devices. It's not like cable line splitter where multiple TV's share the same incoming signal. I have a manual HDMI switch between my...
**BUMP** Anybody? It's still happening during every other program - commercials too. :(
For the last couple weeks, I'm getting a deep "pop" sound through my subwoofer while watching Discovery HD. It happens every 3-5 minutes or so. This doesn't happen on any other channel. I have TWC in Milwaukee, WI. I'm assuming it's a feed issue as I haven't touched my stereo setup for a year. Anybody else experiencing this? sup191
Mine actually have stopped ever since the last firmware upgrade. I'm in the Time Warner , Milwaukee, WI area. I do get the snow problem now when switching inputs from my Xbox 360 back to TV. I channel change to a non-HD channel and back solves that problem.
Yep. The upgrade screwed up my HDMI connection also. (West Milwaukee) I get the snow problem when I switch video sources from the cable box --> Xbox 360 and back again. I have to turn off my Sony 40" Bravia and turn it back on for it to re-handshake. The only good thing with this new firmware is it eliminated my black "L" problem when turning on the TV/STB.
That's what I was guessing. The weird thing is that I USED to be able to switch back and forth before the firmware update just fine. The only plus is that my black "L" problem still seems to be gone, even though I'd much rather have to hit the menu button twice than cycle the tv power every time I switch sources.
My box was just updated to 2.5.051 in the Milwaukee area. Now, when I cycle the video inputs on the TV (Sony V40XBR1) from my Xbox 360 back to the HDMI connection for my cable box, I just get static on the screen. I have to keep turning the tv off for about 10 seconds and then back on to get the picture to show up again. It has only done this since the upgrade. I do have a Daewoo Switch between the cable box and the tv. I used to just get the black "L" issue, now I...
I just tried turning off the tv and leaving the cable box on. Same "L" issue when I turned the tv back on. It seems like a "handshaking" issue through the HDMI cable as the cable box display changes when the tv is turned off and on. I'm still guessing the non-powered, manual switch is to blame.
Tried this suggestion and still have the "L" issue. It only happens when the cable box was last set on a high def station. If I shut it off while watching a 480i channel, I never get the "L". Just an annoyance I'll have to get used to.
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